Dark Side of Silicon Valley


And these people are giving Silicon Valley a bad name:


Why? Sexual predators are everywhere. This has nothing to do with SV.


People have been long speculating that sexism was a much more common problem than exposed here. For a long time, I had been thinking the problem was exaggerated, since it was never part of my experience in companies I worked for. However, from my limited interaction with these involved guys, I’ve never imagined they could do something like this. Maybe I’ve never felt this problem just because I am a male. Maybe this is part of the culture in Silicon Valley after all.

It is true there are predators all over the places. That doesn’t give any excuse to these guys. As one of the most liberal places, Silicon valley holds a higher standard than the rest of the country.


Again, this has to be a level playing field! Why must SV hold higher standard than the rest of the country? Does that mean rich people need to hold higher standards than poor people? If a rich person committed the same crime as a poor person, I don’t think he should be penalized more.


Well, SV is so hot and in the news constantly that people do unfortunately hold SVers to a higher standard. Not to say it is right. Kinda like celebrities and sports figures. Hey, going in, you know you are going to be scrutinized for the littlest thing and will be put on a pedestal but well that is why you are paid the big bucks right? I know, 200 or even 300k is not exactly Steph Curry money but roll with it…


We talked about not long ago how bad Uber employees look after those scandals, I know quite a few Uber employees professionally. All of them are decent. None of them is even aggressive as the company appears to be. But toxic impressions are how the outside world is looking at Uber. By the same token, these Silicon Valley scandals are how the rest of the country perceive the Valley. It is unfortunate but true.


Currently, they are.


They want to make it even more so. There’s a movement to make traffic fines different based on income.


For the “most liberal places” and “higher standard” comment, it was meant to be sarcastic. Sorry for the confusion. I couldn’t resist the urge to put these two phrases into the same sentence. Sexual harassment is nothing high standard.


That is sad. I hope Trump does something about it…

However, I don’t think this is anymore than taxing rich people more… so now that I think about it, it is actually ok and nothing sad about it.


That’s the same as saying all black people are criminals just because a few are… very bad inference by these people.


Gross generalization is very common. It often leads bias and discrimination. Luckily, discrimination based on race is illegal. However, discrimination and bias based on income and where you’ve worked is not.


Yes, an opinion piece…


5 years ago, folks were saying “After many decades, the AI revolution has yet to happen”.


People can’t talk about “changing the world” everyday without being held to a higher standard. Google used to be the company that “do no evil”. It’s just a case of people being held accountable to their literal words.


Any kind of discrimination is bad whether legal or not. It leads to hatred.


Nah, you give rich folks like us too little credit. Money solves (almost) all problems. If you rob a bank a few grands you go to prison for decades. If you rob retirees of their pension funds in stock market you are called a hedge fund manager and make billions.


I think the mentality of SV is “make more money” rather than “changing the world”. Would you make more money even if the process didn’t change the world? - Yes. Would you change the world without any monetary gain? - No.


Maybe that’s always the hidden agenda. But the facade of SV is always we are changing the world for the better. We are not Wall Street scum because we care more than just money.

Turns out not so much.


That’s SV’s soft power. People get the impression that people here are changing the world when in reality they are just as money hungry as Wall Street.