Dark Side of Silicon Valley


If you’ve heard of the term “accredited investor”, they are defined based on income and assets. Only these people were allowed to buy stakes from privately held startups. This is discrimination based on income. And for most of the landlords(maybe all), they constantly screen potential tenants based on income(not the only factor, but an important one).


Um… yes, we’re not living in a socialist country here… if you want to know how that feels like might I suggest reading Chinese history from 1950 to 1975. :slight_smile:


Sorry, don’t mind my Mao jacket that I like to pull out on occasion here in the Fab (but cold) 7x7…


So, we wait another 5 years?


Vanity Fair disagrees. Founder is about winning. The investors are the one after money. Many from WS?

The Chilling Reason Behind Travis Kalanick’s Abrupt Resignation From Uber


Price mechanism is the only discrimination we can use :slight_smile: It would be nice prices of good and services vary with income :grin:

The one step forward two steps back era.


How do you define rob retirees? I think the real criminals would be the people in charge of the pension fund who accept all sorts of kickbacks to decide where it’s invested. They pretend to serve the pension holders best interest. They are using their position to further their own agenda ahead of the pension holders. The hedge fund manager needs to produce. If they don’t, then they’ll face redemptions. I don’t expect them to bat 100% on investments or even beat the index every quarter. They better beat it over time though to justify the fees. If they don’t, then the people managing the pension fund are negligent in their duty for keeping money invested with them.


If there’s trillion dollars to be made from changing the world to worse, I’m many Silicon Valley guys will be working day and night to make our world much worse.

some liberals already think Silicon Valley as bad greedy scrumbags


Power and corruption comes together. It’s not rich or poor. It’s a huge power with little accountability.

It’s better to give power to citizens, not grab power from the people. Big government is bad, not because of any human is bad, but because the system is bad.

For the pension system, retirees do not really care about the corruption or poor return of their pension fund, as long as they are paid what was promised. If the pension fund goes bankruptcy, they would go to their big government for help.

Anyway, most people will have no pension. If only government employees get pension in the future, we can get rid of pension fund and replace with a pension tax. This will give the big government a huge advantage to recruit elites to work for government.


I am watching the show Silicon Valley…pretty fun funny take on nerdy techs. …not flattering. …


Tbh, I don’t get the hold SV to a higher standard mindset. The vilification of Silicon Valley and the need to burn people these particular people at the stake. If people really care about this, I expect to see an extremely long list of people that have abused their power or have had conflicts of interest and looked the other way. There is a lot of dishonesty/hypocrisy.

Goals, ideals, and values are needed, but people are fallible. Ultimately power is what corrupts. I’m sure everyone here makes mistakes on the regular, but we don’t all have that type of power.

Think of our highest elected office. We have looked the other way numerous times. All the other times we just assume it happens, but it’s not made out for public consumption.


There are way too many socialists within the general American population. They feel that the rich always gained their upper hand unfairly and by exploiting the poor like themselves (which could very well be true), and the only way to get even with the rich is to hold them accountable to ever higher moral standards and drastically increase taxation to redistribute wealth back to the general populace…



Interesting. That stretch of Great America Parkway is prime Silicon Valley. But that part of SV is mostly old school semiconductor and networking companies. Not the gee whiz software online blah blah blah. They just built a strip mall with a Whole Foods at the southern end, and I remember seeing some condos being built around there.


I’m not terribly surprised. The old tech companies have been laying off for years. They don’t need as much space. The new tech companies are creating billions dollar valuations with very few employees.

I also think companies have been moving teams outside the bay area more and more. It only makes sense to pay bay area salaries for the top engineering talent that’s only available there. There are a TON of other employees in tech companies. It doesn’t make sense to have those employees be in the bay area.


Zero hedge= zero creditibity


They’ve been bearish this entire bull market. If you listen to them, you missed out on some of the best gains in history. Eventually, there will be another recession, and they’ll claim they were right all along.


Even a broken clock is right twice a day…Shiller said the sky was falling for years before it did…Good to have a bearish fall back position plan…bad to live in a bear cave your whole life…like Patrick.net, Lexa, Tomp, Mike_, Crazyman, and the rest


One down…



Founded in 1999 and in 2016, people were still investing thinking there was an exit? They should have gone public. That’s the new down round.