Dark Side of Silicon Valley


If we can satiate SV nerds’ sexual urges/needs, imagine how much we can really get done in the Valley…







Is this sexism or crimel or discrimination, or all.

"I’d forgotten the grossness of the harassment Pao and other women reported. Kleiner Perkins sounds like the kind of place where women point out a missing stair only to find out about the gentlemen’s elevator.

Ajit persuaded Trae to go to New York with him for an important work trip. He said they’d be having dinner with a CEO who might be able to help one of Trae’s companies. But when they arrived, Trae saw that the table was set for two. The trip was just her and Ajit, in a hotel together for the weekend. Later that night he came to her room in his bathrobe, asking to be let in. She eventually had to push him out the door. Later, when she told one of the managing partners about the fake trip, he said, “You should feel flattered.”

Ajit Nazre is the sexist in Pao’s case. Why is he not punished? What he did is worse than James Damore, but does Ajit talk PC?



You are not up to date. He resigned and now in Wellington partners, Dalla research, GLO.


Was there any criminal accusation against Ajit? If not, was there any civil suit?

I remember Pao lost her case


You mean the tyranny includes firing people without due process to see if they actually did anything wrong? This is becoming a disturbing trend where allegations can get someone fired or force them to resign. You can get mad at someone and ruin their life with unfounded allegations.


Agree with you that this is a disturbing trend. However, in Pao’s case, I think enough evidence that Ajit had been forcing junior to have sex with him. My hypothesis is KP has to coverup Ajit and fire Pao to protect KP’s reputation. In Singapore, just having sex in the office would get you fired :slight_smile: and a complaint would suspend you while investigating. Normally such cases are not published and the offender would be told to resign. The victim would be sweetened with good bonus or promoted :rofl:


Would it be a big deal if a woman was forcing males to have sex? Sentencing of male vs. female teacher sex offenders is VERY different. There’s a clear bias against male perpetrators.


Ajit should have been fired if KP has a code of conduct. I am wondering if it’s severe enough to get legal penalty. Is it merely a moral problem or legal liability?

At least he used company money to book hotel and set a coworker up for the weekend. That’s a violation of coworker’s weekend worktime that could be used for personal purpose


Remember the Duke lacrosse case? The left was out with pitchforks over the white privilege kids allegedly attacking a black stripper. Even their own lawyer admits he thought they did it, because who wouldn’t believe some rich white kids would take advantage of a black stripper? Oh, and the media was there reporting misinformation, created hate between races, and stirring the pot to sell more ads. The DA ended up disbarred and put in jail for withholding evidence in the case. I thought the criminal justice system was biased to protect white people?


That DA, Mike Nifong, is also white. It’s surprising he only got 1 day of jail time

It’s interesting why the stripper still maintains she was assaulted



I don’t get why some of the super successful women in tech don’t get together and start a VC fund. They could exclusively fund companies founded by women.




If they want women to be interested in tech, then maybe they should make it so working 60 hours a week isn’t the norm. They are driving the highest educated women out of the work force after they have kids. They’ll never reach 50/50 when so many qualified women leave the work force. Then you have successful women like Marissa Mayer saying she can tell which startups will be successful based on how many people come into work on Saturday. How appealing is that going to be to women or anyone with kids? You have Sheryl Sandberg with her book “Lean In” about how women should volunteer to do more at work. I can only imagine how appealing that is to women with small kids.

Feminism destroyed 2+ generations of women. It was the greatest lie ever told. It told women they can have a great career, raise kids, and have a great marriage. The truth is very, very few people (male or female) can simultaneously do all 3 at a high level. Something has to give and you need your partner to pickup the slack. Each couple needs to find their balance. The message of feminism is if you can’t simultaneously do it all, then you’re some how lesser of a person and inferior. It’s your fault that you can’t do something that only a tiny percent of people can do. Now we’ve raised 2 generations of women to think they’re failures if they can’t achieve what a tiny percent of people achieve.