Dark Side of Silicon Valley




I’m amazed how many co-workers say Seattle is too expensive or unaffordable. A lot of people have moved here from lower cost cities though, so home prices are 2-4x higher than their prior city.


Again, they “have to” go to the job centers. I mean, yeah, if I didn’t hate the rain so much, who wouldn’t mind living up in your neck of the woods?


The housing shortage is caused by government restrictions. National issues. Environmentalists and nimbyies main cause


Most opinions are relative. When I landed here, I find land is cheap :slight_smile: Anyhoo, most of these guys didn’t do their calculation when they came here with a pay rise of 2-3x :slight_smile: Instead of living in a big house, now have to rent a shack.


At one of my priors, we had a VP relocate from Boston. He thought they’d be able to buy wherever they wanted, since Boston is a pretty expensive city. They started looking in Palo Alto. The tours ended with his wife in the car crying.


Welcome to the Bay Area, where your wallet is not as phat as it used to be…


Many Singaporeans left SV within less than 1 year but not because of high house prices, they miss the vast variety of Singaporean food :slight_smile: I met a few Singaporeans here during open house, they always ask me where they can eat Singaporean dishes.


So where can we eat SG dishes here?


Merlion Restaurant & Bar
Rasa Sayang
Layang Layang (closed for renovation)

Top Cafe and A plus cafe sells some Singaporean dishes


Granted LL is closed and I have been there, but would that be your order of ranking of how good the food is at these places? I should be a good hubby and take my wife down there for some familiar grub to her…


Don’t cheap out dude. Two first class round trip tickets to SG or bust.


There you go spending my money again…I just bought and renovated a house!!! My god, my bank thinks that I am a habitual gambler for coming in each week and withdrawing thousands of dollars at a time. My contractor loves me, and it is not because I am a swell guy…



how about changing the title to "60 percent of tech workers in survey has no idea how to manage their finance and how to spend money wisely, have no clue on investing and can’t afford a home in bay area.




you know 2 years ago i was selling 9ers ticket to one of the senior mgr in my company, Dude can’t even pay 1G, asking me, oh, can i take payment, i can pay you half now and in a week when i get my paycheck, i’ll pay you the rest… yup… that’s YOLO right?


Wait a minute, 2 years ago, the Niners were hooooorible, no? And you had the nerve to sell to a SENIOR MANAGER at 1K??? Ballsy…real ballsy


i think 2 years ago is first year at levi’s , but first year
dude got no money haha