Dark Side of Silicon Valley


I actually did, up until last night. My lower Nob Hill new tenant met me late last night (after the crazy election sheet, I needed a drive anyway) to sign papers.

Yes, the SF rent market was not as robust as I had hoped for. All you need is one good candidate for sure but it is nice to have a lot to pick from. Probably has to do with November, off-season or middle of the year.


WTF are you even talking about then? First you say it’s not the best option. Then you say it’s the best because people choose to live there. Is it, or is it not the best city commutable to SV jobs?

Regardless of your answer to that, none of what you are saying proves that SF isn’t overrated. To determine if a city is over rated, you must determine the rating it is given and compare that to an objective rating. You have done neither.


Yes, it does, as it is a concerted effort by people who said SF was more fun and (thus not overrated). If it were overrated, they wouldn’t be there. They wouldn’t spend more time there, and certainly wouldn’t spend more money there. Come on, now… work with me :grin:


I think we just disagree on what overrated means. As I said numerous times, I think overrated implies that people move to SF only because it’s the highest locally rated city, but that SF could be poorly rated globally. You seem to be saying that overrated just means nobody would move there. It’s probably pointless to discuss further since we disagree on the basic definition of the word



If someone goes Restaurant X is overrated, but you should try it though to see for yourself. It is though 60 miles away, parking is bad and it is sort of expensive. Would you go?

sfdragonboy rests, your Honor…


What’s Ferrari to you might only be a Toyota in real life. You need to eat some real Chinese food and not San Tung :slight_smile:


Sorry, @harriet, but like the saying goes, if you have to ask about the price…:wink:


Maybe, if it’s the best in the Bay Area. I’ve been to plenty of overrated restaurants and enjoyed the experience (basically any restaurant over $100/person tends to be overrated in my book but that doesn’t mean it’s not better than the underrated $5/person restaurant)


[quote=“User4, post:88, topic:434”]
Maybe, if it’s the best in the Bay Area.

Exactly, so if that person who said that Restaurant X is overrated finds that you and your tens of thousands of friends actually made the trek to this restaurant and actually loved it to the point that you all want to eat there for breakfast, lunch and dinner for at least a year (duration of a normal yearly rental lease) and you all don’t mind the long drive/ride there (commute) or the high expense and that pattern does not seem to wane at all for years (like a fad might) there must be something there, no? Sure, that person has a right to still believe it is overrated, but that person has to at least acknowledge that there are a lot of other folks who think otherwise obviously. They have essentially said so as much, through their actions which holds more credibility than anything. I obviously subscribe to the law of large numbers. It does not lie…


Personally, I will not wait in line for a restaurant. .I would rather spend the time cooking my own food…If a restaurant is crowded I will just go to a competitor or go home…Dont care what yelp says…Wanted to eat sushi last night in Burlingame. .no parking. .drove to San Mateo and parked right in front of Saigon City, my favorite Vietnamese resturant.sat down immediately and food was ready in 5min… .was on the way home anyway…BTW, the traffic out of SFO was horrendous. .20 min to Burlingame. .sign said 93 min to SJ…dont miss the BA traffic at all…


Unfortunately, my significant other half thinks this is a minor decision. And her decision is to queue for hours.


Bingo again, @hanera!!!


I’ll wait 10 minutes maybe, 20 if i can get a happy hour drink at the bar


I guess I shouldn’t complain, but why is this written out of New York???:grin:


It’s only published out of NY. Internet is global now:

Author “Anna Wiener lives in San Francisco and works in technology.”


You don’t say…:slight_smile:

I guess I have to subscribe to the newyorker now, since there just might be a story about SF Chinatown…


Didn’t you just post a New Yorker article?


Is the New Yorker the ultimate elite magazine? Any other mag out-elite the New Yorker?


Correct, but I was actually combing the internet as I always do as I settle in in the morning for local news stories. New York is fun for a visit, but I hate New York with a passion!!! All my cousins are there and you thought I was big headed about one’s town…


The Economist, for sure…