Dark Side of Silicon Valley


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In case you weren’t following along on all of the bad things happening to SV companies, here is a nice summary for you…


In SF? Yes, one of them is finding a god darn parking spot!:stuck_out_tongue:

I was coming back from Sacramento last Saturday evening. While I was driving on 84, I think that’s the intersection with 680, I could see the traffic on 680 coming my way. Far away you could see the entire lanes full of cars as I have never, ever seen. And it was Saturday evening!



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Trump says media is biased towards women (Hillary !) :smiley:




It’s not uncommon for these people to move back once they obtain their green card, especially when they are still single. Maybe that was the whole purpose of them coming here in the first place.


IMO, the real reason for her to move out is not cost of living or bay area economy, it is something else like marriage or personal situation.

Media is making up nice story.


They mention her missing her family multiple times.


Agree it’s probably related to family or culture (‘there’s no place like home’). I don’t know how Google works but if it was just a matter of shortening commute, maybe the SF office would be a closer option than India? I would guess that competition is more intense there. I think the bigger story is how techies are met with growing options in their home countries and jobs in other cities are outpacing SV. This would make it harder for SV companies to fill engineering positions.

(From an old article)


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How dot.com times worked for silicon valley, just see this you tube movie when you have time.



Good luck hiring people after that. That’s a horrible idea if you plan on growing in the future. Glassdoor has become pretty powerful too. Employees have access to move info than ever when making decisions.


And I imagine everyone talks to everyone right in the industry that only the really desperate ones who really need jobs end up going there. The best of the best will shy away of course…


Burnout is not good for people. But companies do not care. They can hire a fresh, energetic, hungry and passionate young guy, task him heavily. When he’s burnt out, the company can replace him with another fresh guy.

Silicon Valley is based on the squeezing of these passionate young blood. SV workers have to realize that their work life is front loaded. They need to plan ahead for the life post burnout

“Finally, for many Valley programmers, the fast pace, long hours, stress runs the risk of burnout. One person describes it like this: “At first I thought burn out is like being extremely tired, like you’ve run a marathon, and you sleep for 3 days and recover and ready for another. No. it’s not that like that. I’m tired, sure, but after I put in 60 hour work week for 4 months and traveled to China 3 times, mostly I just don’t give a f— anymore. I can’t believe I’m feeling like this about my passion.””