Dark Side of Silicon Valley


Well, she may not actually know about the problem until this story surfaced. Times like this, I may need to just subscribe to WSJ since it is a pretty good news site. I’m just too cheap…


Gang, we can not continue to lose talent like this gal to other places forever…


And those places may have something we don’t have here. Plenty of space for housing development.


Well, one can argue that we are nowhere near to full capacity in the Bay yet. Must I post that pic from Hong Kong again?:slight_smile:


Does SV need to rebrand itself???


The part that no one wants to discuss is the consumer desire to pay less for stuff. It leads companies to get more and more aggressive in lowering their costs. No one cares about the aggressive cost reductions when they are buying cheaper products. They only care when it’s their job that’s automated away. The consumer desire to save is the root of this not corporate desire for profits. Corporation profitability hasn’t really changed in decades. Companies aren’t lowering costs to increase profits. They are doing it to survive.


Another story…



They said they are not using VC funding to measure startup activity. But they didn’t say how they measure it. So what’s up? SF at 14th and SJ at 16th? Are you effing kidding me?


They could use business registration data. Not every new business in America is a tech business. Actually, I’d bet a tiny percent of new businesses are tech. Honestly, I think businesses that serve second-tier cities could be super lucrative. It’d be way less competitive than tech where you’re always competing against companies with billionaires funding them and the latest CS grads from the top schools. You also wouldn’t have insane rents and wages the way you do in world class cities. I think you could make a killing and not many people would be interested in entering to compete against you.


If they meant small biz they shouldn’t have used the term “startup”. Nobody would describe a new sandwich joint as a “startup”.


Unless it comes with a fancy app to order !


Sandwich startup and tech startup are both startups, discrimination is not allowed


Another perspective on topic from quora:
Lack of diversity of opinion:



Fewer entrepreneurs are flocking to the Bay Area to start companies; instead, more are heading to metropolitan areas like Miami, Austin and Los Angeles, a new report shows.

The report tracked startup activity across the top 40 U.S. metropolitan areas by population…The metro areas with the biggest jump in activity from 2016 to 2017 were St. Louis, Cincinnati and San Antonio.

Follow the money baby.


Can’t do it (this time, that city)…that is the loooosing city (home of the Spurs)




Uh oh, you know what happens when you take a taste and you like it…


Because of AMZN and UW, there are many AI & cloud guys in Seattle, and since like attracts like, housing costs may not be the main reason that Google manages to fill those posts faster. It is one of the reason for sure.