Dark Side of Silicon Valley





“Whatever the cause, something is exacting a toll on young people. Self-harming behaviors and signs are up — marginally and not statistically significant, but still concerning. Among high school students, 13 percent report attempting to kill themselves, 16 percent have an eating disorder and 19 percent have signs of depression.”

Signs of stress don’t surprise Huynh. She said the hyper-competitive environment of high school makes some kids feel as if whatever they do, it’s not enough — to earn the grade, top the rankings or get into the “right” college.”


The traffic is horrible. It’s amazing how much less stressful it is to walk 6 minutes to work. I get back about 250 hours/year.


OMG, you SV engineers are bad, bad people!!! WTH is going on with you cats anyway???You make the Hell’s Angels look like choir boys…


I think that’s the SV engineers’ way to eliminate competition. :slight_smile:


I actually hate this robot.
We had the exactly same kind of security robots in my previous company and it was really creepy and aggressive!
One of my coworker approached to it to see how it reacts out of curiosity, the robot came closer to him quite fast as if it was threatening him. I wonder if any human injury has been reported with this robot.
In addition, you feel like no privacy at all when these robots are following you while you are taking a walk on campus after lunch.

Still, I am not defending that drunk engineer. :slight_smile:


I approached one such robot in santana row, it stopped.



Uh oh, Palantir Technologies gonna have to pony up 1.6M for discrimination against Asian applicants…



Do people expect $200k+ jobs to be easy? The pay is in the top 2-3% of the whole country. The expectations are going to pretty high.


So, now you found out you can be discriminated. Where have you been living for the last 50 years?

I salute this lady. I know the feeling, you come here, you want to meet that fabulous America so many talk about and then you realize is a hell of a token to take.

If you talk to many immigrants, most dreamed of becoming citizens, then traveling back to their country of origin and start a new business or life over there. But reality sets in, some, like me, get tangled in romantic episodes, or get their legality after a quarter of a century, they can’t get enough money, some get pregnant or married and can’t get away leaving their kids, really, it’s all about work, work, work, and not that much fun, and not many beautiful chicks like in Bay Watch movies. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Anyway, seriously, I ask this to many high techies when I meet them: If you are so smart, and successful, what are you waiting to make the same miracle back home?

Crickets playing the violin in the background I hear.


But it is interesting about the higher percentage citing unfairness as a reason to leave a job in tech vs other industries. No doubt, you want that big paycheck? Will it is not going to be peaches and cream to get it.


BA dual IT income gets it easy ! Obama relaxing H4 to EAD made several family into dual IT income mode.



This type of study is rubbish.


Why??? Not directly related to this but hasn’t it been proven that females earn less than males for the same work in many studies?


It’s also been proven women are less likely to negotiate salary, more likely to favor flexible hours over pay, and more likely to take extended time-off. If I look at what I made out of college to now, 75% of the increase is from negotiating up from the initial offer. That’s not including the compounding effect since annual pay increases are typically percentage based. If you negotiate a higher starting salary, then your raises will be bigger.


How can it be true given that COO FB is a female. She would be leaning in to rectify any such discrimination.