Dark Side Of The Fab 7x7




People complain $20/hr isn’t enough pay, but they can’t regularly show up to work on time. I can’t imagine why they don’t have a higher paying job.


Dang, we are even getting press in Israel. Come on!!!


It seems like a fake news article. Sadly, it’s not. Who votes for these politicians?


Hey, even I, the most staunch Fab 7x7 arse kissing lover, have to acknowledge the step back seen in the once totally Fab 7x7…



damn israel is reporting real news, and this news is not banned by the left, amazing.



How about we go zero human waste and needles first???


Sorry, Scott, the city is a work in progress…

Glad to see you still want to move back…




Hmm, did they know that this guy had money in his house??? Or, were they just going on the notion that all Sunset residents have zillions of dollars and jewels just laying around throughout their homes???


like wuqijun, posting how much $$$ he got online haha


Tent camps drop but RVs increase… Ok, Mayor Breed, what is your next move???