Darrow Farm in Mission Fremont


Anyone checked these out?

4 and 5 beds, up to 4.5 baths | Up to 2,970 sq. ft.
STARTING IN THE $1,500,000s

How come nobody made a fuss about it? And everyone freaked out about the “Starting in the low one million” in SF?

Robson builders, I have seen few homes at Mission School, but $1.5M is just to attract everyone “STARTING FROM”. The good homes are normally around $2M.

I am not too familiar with Mission SJ. Is that area mostly built out?

MSJ is like Cupertino school district, highly desired location in Fremont . The homes are crazy like Cupertino with multiple bids etc. Home will quickly go with multiple offers.

Wherever land is build-able, builders are competing to grab it as there is high demand.

Robson builders is well known builder at MSJ.