Decent Fremont One That Sold

Yeah, the address number I would have to had gotten over but the entry price of a home here (in the Bay) is doable (by this example). Looks turn-key and remodeled already that you can either rent it out or move in immediately. And again, the lot size (5k+) is what is so darn attractive to me about Fremont homes. Mine is close to here.

Just my view: Lot size 5k is too small to me, impossible to expand single story level in future. It may be good rental for that lot size. While 625k is good for rental homes, but 1 bath is big negative. 2 baths or 1.5 Baths are better choice.


You are tough…show me something that sold recently in this price point and condition that is a better deal. Geez, what do you want for 630k??? This is ready to go, not a fixer or a freaking condo.

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Did someone say CONDO?

Come on, condos are for pretenders…real players buy SFHs

Not according to this pair of power couple…

Instead of buying such condition home, I will consider this ( any way my home town, max commute to san jose !)
The above one, I was asking my friend to consider - two days before - he does not have down payment cash ! It was for his primary home.

Just found one in fremont.

I see these there homes are better deal with 10000 lot size, expand-ability, good deal for fixer or for builder. Of course they are fixer and expensive than 630k.

Come on, @Jil, these are either asking prices or higher priced homes. Show me a sold SFH that went for 630k that is turn-key ready for renting/moving in and in a decent town/neighborhood within the Bay Area that has a lot of upside.

Yes, you cats may swim in deeper waters but some of us prefer to hang out in the shallow end because we like the upside gain and the obviously low entry point. I have absolutely NO INTEREST in paying way over for some SFH in say Palo Alto or RWC cuz I don’t see the upside with doing that. Where is the challenge in that? I have way more fun buying fixers or undervalued properties and then making that nice bump. That, is real real estate investing folks!!!

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