Decent Oakland Starter + Bonus Studio

Hey, $400K asking is not bad for both main and studio dwellings…

Price dropped…

Come on, Uncle @manch, buy me, buy me, buy me!!!

Seriously though, why hasn’t this sold? Both rented out should make the numbers workable, no???

Tiny house sucks. We as a nation are getting fatter and fatter.

Yes, but the trend is towards tiny homes, no? And besides, you ain’t living there. Just business, baby, just business…

Tiny houses only makes sense in expensive hoods like certain parts of SF. Who wants to move to Oakland and lives in a tiny house?

Come on, when people are willing to pay $1500 for a bedroom and shared kitchen/bathroom privileges in SF I don’t see why this wouldn’t be of interest to some renters.

Tiny home trend may have hit peak. Now HGTV and the like have multiple shows dedicated to tiny homes.

After 2008 recession, millenials:

delayed home ownership in suburbs in favor of “rent forever,” “live in city,” "tiny home"
reduced spending
delayed children

Well now economy is doing well again. Will the millenials start having kids, moving to big SFH in suburbs? I’d guess 75% chance. My cohort is definitely doing this… it’s just taking longer than it did for the parents.

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So you are Millennial? Pre-Snapchat or Post?

It depends how you define millenial. I’m pre-snapchat and I don’t consider myself a millenial but the less mature people my age probably are :slight_smile:

I guess mini spaces are in…I have a family of 4 that wants to rent a 350sf studio…Small is in…our is just plain cheap in…Like PRB…which was also popular when I was a kid…before import beers became hip…

I guess I am a millennial since I was born in the late 80s. Some of my friends are moving to the suburbs but many of them are choosing to move to/stay in Oakland.

In general, they are choosing much smaller homes than their parents. They have well paying jobs. Some got help from their parents for college and down payment. They can afford a bigger home further in the suburbs but are choosing not to.
I think the mentality has changed a bit. It might not be as drastic as 3000 sq.ft. Mansions to 400sq.ft.tiny homes but they are making due with 1000-1200 sq.ft., 3bed/1-2 baths. Most of them have kids (1 or 2). They might move to bigger homes when the kids are bigger but for now they seem to be enjoying the more “urban” life even with the kiddies.

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So they are still buying SFH? Some parts of Oakland are basically the suburbs. Agree that millenials are choosing smaller homes near city centers. Even in places like Lafayette the small homes near downtown are super hot (used to be where the poor people lived). But they are leaving the 300sqft studios for sure.

Will be interesting to see what happens when the kids grow up as you say. My instinct is that the small house gets old and they move up if finances allow. But millenials seem to be smarter about right-sizing home for life stage, not buy giant home and stay forever even though giant home makes no sense when kids are young or after they leave for college.

I am Gen-X and even I don’t like 3,000 ft mansions. There is actually a thing in feng shui about not living in a house too big. Your family is scattered all over and there is little or no intimate family time. The biggest house I ever live was my San Jose house which is only 1,500 ft. But it’s single level and the backyard space is huge (to me). It feels mighty big already. The perfect size for me right now is around 2k ft and 4/2 or 4/3.

I’d be ok with a mansion :grinning: but I’m technically a Gen Xer.

Yup that’s what I have around 2k/4/3. It’s plenty of space including long term guests we host. 3k/4K I could afford but upkeep is too high. Id rather have a big lot. 1500 would be ok but 1000 too small. I lived in 350 studio wheb I was single and it was fine. You need more space if you live with other people for privacy.

Only in the BA is 3000sf considered a mansion…In Salt lake City that is the size of a starter home…Average in the US is now 2500sf…a mini mansion in the BA…

People need room for all there stuff…I downsized to 2000sf, but really miss my old 3 car garage. .