Defeat Prop 10: Strict Rent Control, Housing Freeze, Economy Freeze and Frozen Tech


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If it is so easy to sell why should I lower the price?


One last post to enlighten you. Think of how long a rental property need to be prepared to a condition for sale and how long it would take to sell. During this period, the housing stock available for rent would drop. Where are these renters going to stay?


Easy to sell at market price. If the market price is 900k today, you can sell it easily at 900k. When the market price goes to 850k next year, you can sell it at 850k easily.


We are more interested in long term trend. A couple of months is nothing compared to your lifetime or your investment horizon


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Long term? We’re long term of past time :slight_smile: House and rent shot up stratospherically :slight_smile:
Look at MV which has rent control :slight_smile: rise up even faster than Cupertino which don’t have rent control.


MTV only has rent control for multi family. And it has no vacancy control.

Also it only got rent control for 1-2 years.

Did MTV multi family increase faster than Cupertino after rent control?

I think it’ll take some years for the mom and pop to sell off their 16% of the rental inventory. Some moms are smarter than others, some are faster than others. Some may never know there is a rent control because some landlords never bother to raise the rent for 20 years even without rent control. People are very different, just like your opinion sometimes different from mine


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@BAGB, here is what I learned talking to my real estate agent friend. He says that ‘if’ CH is repealed, California joins a bunch of other states that don’t restrict rent control. That’s not very special. As we already know it’s up to the cities afterwards. He said that rent control on SFHs is not going to be passed by any city as it’s unprecedented (need to verify if that’s true). Even for condos and apartments, the rules may be similar to other cities and things won’t change too much.


I think most RE Agents will have bias view towards Prop 10. As always they will say whatever that will maximize their current commission of selling or buying for their clients… I am currently seeing RE Agents for multi-family pushing existing mom/pop to sell their MF investment now before it’s too late…


They are just using the opportunity. There is going to be heavy lobbying against it.


Ask your agent what is vacancy decontrol and what is vacancy control, and whether that’s a major change from today.

Berkeley, SF and Oakland all had tent control on single family house before 1995. It was Costa Hawkins Act that saved those cities.

Is your agent trying to encourage you to buy?