Defeat Prop 10: Strict Rent Control, Housing Freeze, Economy Freeze and Frozen Tech

Rental market is at the danger of disappearing after the November election!

Prop 10 allows strict form of rent control. All old/new, all single family, condo and multi-family properties will be under rent control.

And it will NOT even allow charging market rent to the new tenant after the old tenant moves out or passes away.

Rental market will disappear because no property will be able to charge market rent under no circumstances. There will be no market rent at all. A shutdown of free rental market will cause severe rental property shortage and make new tenants homeless. It will affect the average income people the most. It will deny housing to millions of people.

This is the website for the campaign to defeat Prop 10 and to protect Costa Hawkins. Everyone should register and donate to the campaign to protect Costa Hawkins.

Donations can be made online. $100+ per unit is recommended.

Stop Proposition 10



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Who is Michael Weinstein who started this inflamous Prop 10? Is he the brother or cousin of the infamous Harvey Weinstein?

“From Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom to labor unions such as the State Building and Trades Council of California to the NAACP, we are confident that most Democrats will oppose Michael Weinstein’s Prop 10 because it will worsen California’s affordable housing crisis," Steven Maviglio, a political consultant for anti-Prop 10 forces said tonight.

The subject should be “Protect Costa Hawkins” not “Protest Costa Hawkins”.

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What do we want to keep? Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act.

What is the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act?

The Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act (Costa-Hawkins) is a state statute that limits the use of rent control in California. Costa-Hawkins provided that:[3][4]

Cities cannot enact rent control on housing first occupied after February 1, 1995, and housing units where the title is separate from connected units (such as free-standing houses, condominiums, and townhouses).

Housing exempted from a local rent control ordinance before February 1, 1995, must remain exempt.

Landlords have a right to increase rent prices to market rates when a tenant moves out (a policy known as vacancy decontrol).

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A new PAC

The site doesn’t explain why :frowning: Not very convincing.

I have very convincing arguments, let me email them

Prop 10 repeals protections homeowners have enjoyed for over 20 years. It will also create as many as 539 local rental boards and commissions to impose new rent control regulations and fees without a local vote, giving these new boards unlimited power to add fees on housing, ultimately increasing rents and making homes and apartments more expensive.

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Ok, @BAGB, I got the notice last night from the No on Prop 10 org…

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My donation made it possible for you to receive the mail :rofl: I literally mailed a check 1 week before you received it


Protections home owners have enjoyed??? You mean property rights. These idiots should read the constitution.

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Supreme Court has refused to ban rent control. That’s why Weinstein is attacking property owners again with this stupid Prop 10.

Prop 10 will make rental housing impossible to find in the future. Those commies are already talking about heavy tax on vacant properties.

So they will force you to rent your property at very low rent. When the tenant moves, you have to continue to rent at the same low rent to a new tenant. If you keep the unit vacant, they will impose heavy tax and confiscate the property since you can not afford the heavy vacancy tax.

With the threat of Prop 10, multi family property should be avoided like plaque. Period.

Single family and condo still have a hope. Once the tenant moves out, you can sell the house or condo to a lovely person or family and happily ever after.

With multi family, you’ll be stuck with a liability that you can never get rid of.

@manch has been trashing multi family and his fear was right.

@sfdragonboy sold his Oakland multi family property. What a smart move!

Well, I sold it not for fear of upcoming legislation like this but more for lifestyle change…

I understand. Luck sometimes overwhelms smartness, and you are definitely a smart dragon

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Def not smarter than a lot of you cats, but I do try to look at everything from all various angles. Sometimes, common sense dictates…

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