Definition Of Idiots: SF Board Of Supervisors + DA

I guess I shouldn’t complain, rents and home values in SF will shoot up again. Thanks, Bored of Stupidvisors!!!

From your comment, can I presume you’re for building affordable high density housing? Once these housing are built, won’t they become the dominant voices, thus ensuring more high density housing to be built later?

My point is just that the Board is so stupid that it amazes me that they supposedly run this town. It doesn’t get any better than 100% affordable no? And they still debate and delay over trivial matters of the legislation while us owners are laughing all the way to the bank…

SF is not a city…just a bunch of neighborhoods run by small minded local pandering pols appealing to their little interest groups

I don’t think the pols are stupid. It’s just that nobody really wants affordable housing for new comers. The renters who vote want to keep the city to themselves. That’s the logic behind rent control. It benefits the people already renting, at the expense of people coming in the future.

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You give them too much credit. Really. What kind of leadership would essentially go out of its way and declare a Day for some criminal yet when a lovely young woman’s life is cut down by a repeat illegal alien just pooh poohs it as nothing important? The leadership should be first and foremost protecting the lives/rights of its legal residents, no? It is a basic but clear duty, no? Failed miserably when it came to Kate Steinle (RIP).


Technically, I am jumping the gun on this (but all news agencies are reporting it too) that the wonderful SF Bored of Stupidvisors will this afternoon finally pass an inlaw policy that will cover the whole city. Wow, it is only about what 10-15 years too late? And even more stupid is how specific the policy is. Yes, I get it that it had to be a compromise in order to pass but just look at the legislation. It will be a wonder if any get built at all.

I don’t condone the killing of anybody. But I believe in responsibility, and that starts at home. Why haven’t they prosecuted the agent who left that gun inside his car without any care?

While I wouldn’t give a dang about the life of a criminal, I got some here as neighbors by the way, I believe that for you, to just let a criminal be shot in pieces by the police because they lack of the either principles of humanity or the correct training to handle people like Mario Woods if that was his name, you need to get rid of the constitution, or amend it to fit the modern times. Why? Because I remember not long ago, I believe this young guy, yes, a White guy, shot 9 people? He was even allowed by the police to eat a hamburger or a cheeseburger while being detained, you know, poor guy, he was hungry. But mind you he were black guy, he would end up shot trying to shoot the officers. If I were a police officer, and seeing this kind of malevolent person, probably, I would play “hey, he tried to run away, or he grabbed my gun”, problem solved. Yes, that’s what they do in other parts of the world, nice constitution…:imp:

I will put my efforts to convince people that the more guns available, the more chances are of them getting lost, stolen, and/or ending in the hands of criminals.

Texas taught us a lesson. You guys, the second amendment nuts and I say it with respect, don’t get it! There we saw that no matter what, unless the police was racist in that instance, you can be shot by the police force, when you are exercising your right to bear arms. They were looking for a guy who paraded himself with a rifle on his shoulders. What could have happened if the police saw him aiming at the shooter but mistakenly shot him thinking he was shooting at the other cops?

Guns should be in the hands of those protecting us. I know it sounds cruel or innocent, but that’s what other countries do. they may have their people being killed in a daily basis by the law of numbers, but they don’t have that many shootings at schools or churches or theaters as it happens over here.

The board of supervisors? Love them, or hate them. They are probably the cause that many posters in this forum have made a small fortune. Hey! Return the money friends!

Ok, @buyinghouse, since you brought it up here is my personal take on things. People can fry me for it or not but hey this is what I believe and I will use my own people to make the point.

We Asians came to this country as servants and labor workers. Perhaps one or two rungs higher than slaves but nevertheless we were treated and abused pretty badly too. The people in power always wanted to keep us down or out of this country even though we worked hard. What happened? Well, over a century let’s say, through blood, sweat and tears, we raised our level in society to be at least considered by some to be the model enthnic group. A lot of us are homeowners, business owners and professionals. Did we bitch and moan that society let us down and that we deserved handouts? For the most part, NO. Everything we got, we earned. The old saying, if you can’t open the door go buy the house that the door hangs on is really true. I wish other people would do the same as we did by taking responsibility of their own welfare and growth as a people instead of depending on the rest of society to do it for them.

Ok, back to regular programming…

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Sorry, BofS, Feds say NO!!!

Keeping the old timers should NEVER be a policy goal.

Imagine that rule applied to regular commerce. You want to open a hot new restaurant? Why don’t you ask for permission the pizza joint that’s already next door?

That principle applies up and down the socio-economic stack. If I own a piece of land in Palo Alto why do I need neighbors’ permission to build on it? As long as it satisfied all the rules and regulations why does the Jones next door have veto power?

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Asian business minded people need to take over SF politics. .get rid of the white liberal guilt power structure and the token asian mayor…It is the cities’ best hope…


SF is similar to China in that while there are some well to do folks there is also a significant poorer population that it would be nearly impossible to vote in a strong business minded individual. The liberals and progressives would not stand for it. I mean, look at how our mayor ended up being despised and hated when overall he was actually pretty good in righting the ship from fiscal disaster.

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No disrespect to my friends here, but Asians got their chance not long ago. What’s the name of that guy in the city council or whatever position he held that got indicted for acting as the Asians deal back home? I forgot his name and what he was doing, nothing worth praising I guess.
I think corruption is at all levels, genders, races and/or nationalities. Money corrupts anybody. Corruption is all inclusive.

No disrespect taken (at least from me). If anything, we are our worst critics. There is a reason why Tiger Moms are the norm. Unlike some other ethnicities, we don’t point fingers, blame others or use the excuse that The Man is out to get us all the time for no reason. I personally cringe every time I hear that a chinese person either did something incredibly bad (mass murders) or illegal (shrimp boy, ed jew, leland yee, etc). But the fact remains that SF is full of Asians (literally) so there will always be viable Asian candidates throwing their hats in the ring since they do stand a good chance of winning the Asian vote.

Sam Hom is friend of mine…His late brother Ben ran for mayor…But he only ran because he didnt like Jordan…Willie Brown was a great mayor.No liberal white guilt…got things done working with business and the unions…SF needs a strong mayor. …One that knows now to control the bd of Stupes. .not their puppet like Lee…SF is full of neighborhoods that are working against each other…What the BA needs is one government instead 100 little city fiefdoms…

With a bunch of renters in the majority, this will never happen. The only glimmer of hope I have is that all those educated folks moving here (renters and owners) will actually turn out and vote with their futures in mind and not think too short term. Money for all public services to help the homed and homeless alike does not fall from trees even though some people honestly think that way.

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Thanks sfdragonboy.
I had an interesting shooting of the mouth with some “Chinese” posters at the other forum last year. They couldn’t, wouldn’t understand my point. You are either a citizen of the US or you are a citizen or national of any other country. Unfortunately, it is customary to identify anybody not by their names but by their race or color or alleged nationality. I don’t believe in half —fill the blank----- and half American. And I don’t believe in generalizations of any kind. Personal responsibility is something I take in consideration. The crimes of the father shouldn’t be tagged on the son. This was the main point of attraction for those ignorant Trump followers, believing in the criminalization of an entire nationality for the deeds of a few. He started to realize that yesterday, too late. He insulted an entire country thus all of us being Hispanics were thrown in the melee.
What is visible is the fact that diversity works for everybody. Though the existence of a predominant race in any given community will dictate the results of any election or any proposition, there may be a consensus among all voters living in that community to seek the welfare of all people disregarding their nationality, race or gender.
California, whatever forum, national newspaper where people sign up to comment has a bad reputation. It is called the land of liberalism, but to that defense I ask the dumb people berating us to show me how good they are doing when it comes to the local economy but no answer yet.

Maybe because that’s even worse than blaming the victim? I don’t want to live in a world where we hold innocent people liable for the actions of others.

If I leave a gallon of gasoline in the bed of my truck and someone grabs it and starts an arson fire with it, am I responsible?

If I leave my keys in my car and someone steals it, am I responsible? Are they any less a thief?

Emotional reactions and a lack of logic are leading to a warped society. This is evident with all of the calls for banning things whenever something goes wrong instead of laying the blame on the miscreant that did the deed.

We have a great deal of individual freedoms in this country. It was founded on that very principal. But along with those freedoms comes individual responsibility. But somehow today, people have become misguided and keep trying to find a lack of collective responsibility as the cause for all ill and evil rather than focus on the individual committing the misdeed.

Yes it does. You just have to shake the rich trees. Any progressive will tell you that. :open_mouth: