Definition Of Idiots: SF Board Of Supervisors


Hey Einsteins, perhaps you need to focus on say something like this…


Yeah, this will dramatically change things around…


Wow, go Planning Commission!!!


So, SF is full of rats?

Nothing new.

I just don’t want them near my Pollo Campero. :rofl::smile:



Supervisor Jane Kim said she will propose a cap in the Tenderloin and South of Market neighborhoods, which have the most cannabis outlets of any one district. “Access is not an issue at all in the district I represent,” Kim said.

No sheet, Lil Kim, you can get it and other drugs on every corner of your district!!!


What is your excuse, Eric??? The landlords made you do it…


What? Another politician flying in private jets at our cost? No way! :sweat_smile:



No, let’s not go back to legislating Happy Meal toys…


Definition of idiots: The republican congress.

Sincerely: Uncle Sam


Not to change the subject, but I have 3 UCLA basketball idiots to worry about… stupid


These are the real idiots. Shoplifting in China. We ought to just let the justice system run its course.


Yeah, I didn’t want Trump to have to use a card for these stupid saps. Don’t tarnish the brand, boys…



This def deserved to be placed also under my “It Gets Better By The Minute” thread…


But, the liar in the tarnish house said they would get shot or something like that.

Just let them there, better than being left in Indonesia where they would be returning home without hands. :sweat_smile:




Equal economic opportunity act for lawyers… So Stupid from the Stupes… Why not a building boom instead… Employ engineers and construction workers instead of lawyers… How about expanding the pie instead of fueling the fight over the crumbs???