Definition Of Idiots: SF Board Of Supervisors


Bu…bu…but, that would mean more gentrification. The Fab 7x7 would be Carmel North. We can’t have that…


YOUR Bored Of Stupidvisors


You mean no homeless and no crime, ah the horror… what will all the liberals do when SF becomes paradise… hopefully they immigrate to Venezuela and Cuba…


Conservatives should go to Russia with their president. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Some of my most conservative friends are Russian. They love American capitalism


There’s a reason they don’t live in Russia anymore. Communism sucks. It’s all about making everyone equally poor except the political elite. No one feels bad, since everyone around you is equally poor. It’s just your normal.


If only China got the clue…(sigh)


China isn’t a communist country anymore. Its political system is changing slowly but its a pretty capitalist economy.


For sure, but the Old Guard likes to ever so often flex a little to remind you that you ain’t in Kansas buddy…


Great, Ed…hope that inlaw apartment in your backyard is spacious…


Russia is no longer communist but is a mafia oligarchy… You can speak your mind but if you make money the goons will show up for their cut… More fascist than communist


Need a qualifier. Russian communism sucks. In China, a poor teacher who doesn’t know how to use a presentation software can build a hi-tech empire and rise to become one of the richest guy in China.
Please ignore liberal arts journalists re-labeling.


Russia has the oil curse… Like Venezuela… All the old Soviet heavy industrial complex is kaput… The economy is tied to the price of oil. The most patriotic thing America can do is produce more oil and drive the Russians and the Middle East into bankruptcy… Drill baby Drill…
Of course when Musk produces 10m EVs a year it will be the final nail in Putin’s coffin…


A communist system would never let a citizen start a business. China has become far more capitalist which allowed that to happen. Notice how as China becomes more capitalist their middle class is growing and they have more prosperity? It always baffles me when people think socialism or communism are great for the average person. There’s a reason people don’t migrate to socialist and communist countries.


I, you, got to be stupid to believe in capitalism and socialism and communism and whatnot.

It is control of the $, and power. By own definition, the China current system is ripe for an economic revolution that could send the suckers in the Chinese politburo to hell. But no, they still are teaching at school the beautiful ideas of Mao. It’s the classic bad boss and his dog coming to eat from his hand or it will get a beating.

Look at this administration. 20 families with all their relatives and powerful influence in the decisions that are changing this America you used to know are a tale telling. Goldman Sachs is one of them. The Trumputins are other.


:grinning: Women? Name/ reputation/ face?


Well, at least she wants to build, build, build…


Does SF have space to do that?


Give her a hammer and put her to work. I know a few pols that need to be nailed to the wall.


Surprisingly enough, there are empty lots in the Fab 7x7. Sure, not a lot but one I posted about a long time ago is on main drag Noriega Street in the Sunset. This corner lot can easily accommodate 12 or more apartments or condos if multi storied.


Increase the height limit allow granny units higher density get rid of parking requirements. Let everyone convert garages into second units. Easily can double the number of city housing units. Use Paris as a model not NYC… 4-5 story instead of high rise…Except downtown, Soma, Tenderloin, Hunters point, Mission, Western addition… allow high rises there.

Make everyone rich instead of hiring lawyers for the poor to attack the middle class. Make the pie bigger instead of forcing fights over the crumbs.

Don’t make existing tenants a protected class. Get rid of rent control… They can move like everyone else. Moving is what makes America great… A nation of migrants… Not a nation of protected ghetto dwellers.
The concept that someone should be subsidized to stay in the same place for life is UnAmerican, unconstitutional and economically unsustainable… So this protected class of tenants should control the whole zoning for a great city like San Francisco??? absolutely nuts…