Definition Of Idiots: SF Board Of Supervisors


Well, I would like the Board to actually enact tougher laws on crime to begin with so that this band-aid is not necessary. Pigs will fly before that will happen…


So, I see that once the “thing” doesn’t happen to you, you don’t get to be concerned about others.
I have discussed the actions of anybody working for the government. They are simply working there, most without any good heart because they know no way in hell they can get evicted from their jobs. You can beach, moan, yell, kick their tires but they won’t do anything for you if that doesn’t entitle them to get over time. Period!

My wife, because she used to be in contact with people with cancer, AIDS, TB, you name the disease, she developed some kind of TB. It means that every time they do the test on her she shows positive but X rays show nothing. So, she asked her boss to allow her to go to HR to do some customary thing so she would get that TB test out of the way, something that becomes a yearly routine. Her boss said “in your lunch time”. I guess getting sick by any transmitted disease should be only during her lunch time. Somehow she managed to go to HR under her boss permission.

On the tenant from hell like elt1 was beaching about (lol). The latest incident here, remember my case? Well, I arrive home one afternoon, 4:15 PM. Bunches of police cars present, across the street yet another totaled car. What happened? The guy from that house supposedly, allegedly the idiot landlord should have evicted 150,000 years ago met a guy selling a car on Craiglist, put a gun on the guy’s head committing a felony (carjacking). Immediately they put a BOLO and the police were in the lookout for him and an accomplice. The idiot, who happen to get nervous decided to go home. A block or two away they were spotted by a police unit and the chase ensued. He came running so fast on the bend, right across his “home”, and crashed onto a car owned by one of my friends. Somehow, they say, there are two versions, the guys ran into that house, police chased them, and by a lucky chain of events they found the guy, the tenant who had some warrants for his arrest, one fled the scene never found. He is gone now, we are waiting “again” for another episode of “I tried to evict him but the city-section 8 said” stupid argument.

On the voting arena. I am checking at all the propositions on the ballot. Scary to see how much $ you have to bleed next year if some win. Now that I have voice and vote, I will be very cautious for who, whom and what I vote for.


Keep in mind that I am all about tough laws. I am a staunch supporter of capital punishment. That is why Singapore to me is an intriguing and ideal place to live I think.


Our wonderful governing body again at work in the fab 7x7…

(Hey, dude, one day you will be an owner… and you will be sorry…)


Wow…just wow Never mind on that name change: it remains Bored Of Stupidvisors


Don’t own multi-fam in CA. Consider yourself warned.


Realistically, what are you or any of us owners (SFHs, condos, multi) gonna do? We have rent control legislation being crammed down our throats in every possible city. May The Donald save us… (yes, I said it):slight_smile:


Multi fam will always bear the brunt of the law. For now SFH’s and condos can hide behind state laws to some extent. If our shield got smashed, time to liquidate and get out of the landlording business… :slight_smile:


If the liberal rent control establishment has their way we will all become homeless. …being a caveman will be an upgrade



That’s really, really great stuff, Jane…really (please don’t tell me you did all this on company time…)


I suppose not exactly BofSF directly but it is all the same (our inept leaders of the Fab 7x7)…

Again, if I had children, how would I have explained to them that it is ok in this instance that the States or cities (the children) can oppose the Fed government (the parent)??? So, lame… Even though obviously I am a resident here and would hate to lose any services/funding that impact me directly, I hope the Feds come down hard on the Fab 7x7. Enough is enough!!!


Here’s a novel approach, how about just letting developers build without any requirements???


Since I am not an investor, somewhere I read you or some other poster-s saying that all these rules have benefited more the rich people than the poor ones.

Now, I have read some people here talking about a $5 million net worth. That’s somebody rich to me.


This is an effort to create some affordable housing for middle class families. Intersting that SF progressives are now against middle class and families, they only want affordable housing for very low income and for singles

“The legislation would give height and density incentives for developers willing to make 30 percent of units permanently affordable to families making between $60,000 and $140.000, Tang said. Income levels for ownership would average around $140,000 for households of four; rental units would be affordable to families of four earning $90,000.”


Wow, just when we thought our Fab 7x7 leadership was as pathetic as can be, now this brilliant idea.

Sure, we can tape our Fastrack modules to our heads as we jog down the street too since you want every freaking dime from us…


It’s a freaking menace to the folks living on that street. Just close the whole damn thing to cars.


This past weekend I did ironically go by there. Def was a madhouse, but to be fair, that has been the case for eons, people!!! Must be new primadonnas who should have never moved there in the first place. You knew what you were getting yourself into when you moved to one of the iconic spots of the Fab 7x7. Stop your whining and clean up your house so that when strangers are peeping in your place it looks half decent…


I frankly don’t get the appeal of driving thru Lombard. Walking maybe.


It is kind of cool, a rite of passage if you will, when back in the day you first got your license. Who didn’t drive down it at 2 in the morning (back then)? Now, can’t do squat in the city without some primadonna getting upset or one getting actually hurt or robbed (making out at Coit Tower or Twin Peaks in the wee hours…). Fun times…