Definition Of Idiots: SF Board Of Supervisors


OMG, the Planning commissioners stayed too long at the GGP 4/20 event…I didn’t know large glass windows were a statement of class and privilege. Hey, Milgard, you might want to use this in your next ad…

At a recent Discretionary Review of 1900 Mission Street, a very similar project in size and use of large-scale glass windows, the Planning Commission ruled that the similar project should be brought further into alignment with the character of this family corridor. During the review process, several commissioners expressed concerns that these large windows and unusual highly glassy appearance were a statement of class and privilege.


I’d love to make them live in a shanty town without running water or sewer for a week.


Sure, what is another week when you are talking decades now of ineptitude and happy meal types of legislation taking priority…


Wow, is it time I really think about leaving the Fab 7x7??? It is the continuation of the watering down of our laws and rules. I may be getting old, but if I break a law/rule I expect to get punished for it. It would be my fault, not society’s fault…


Road to communism.
USA- communism
china- captialism

communism have proven it’s not going to work. Media is kiling this country, always use single isolated story to change the people’s view. I’m thinking to move back to HK in 10 yrs. luckily i have a place there.


People gravitate to a headline that creates an emotional reaction. After that, nothing else matters. The article can even have data that contradicts the headline, and they won’t care. They’ll still believe the headline. It makes the population easy to control. You don’t even need facts on your side. You just need to create a sensational headline that causes the emotional reaction.

CA will decriminalize most stuff. It’s already started with some of the recent ballot measures.


OMG, and this is one of the newbie Supervisors…

Sure, and a ride in from say Oakland on BART to Embarcadero will cost what, $20 one way or the parking will have to go up to $20 per day to try to even fund for this??? Stop throwing out pipe dreams and work on real to life issues!!! See those homeless out there en masse??? Do something about them!!!


Concerned SF Resident/Homeowner


Yes, this pertains to Mayor Ed (but I didn’t want to start a new thread for this) but it easily be from the BOS. Yeah, just because your numbers are so low does not mean we throw more money at the problem. We obviously spend a fair amount already and yet the tent cities persist. Obviously, we need to go a different route. Manhattan comes to mind, honestly. Back in the day, Time Square was way worse but not anymore. We can and should do the same. No more kid gloves!!!


The government has never seen a problem it didn’t think could be solved by taxing one group and giving the money to another group. SF budget is $28,900/household. That’s crazy. How many households actually pay that much in taxes to the city?


Let’s be quite frank: if you let people be lazy and just loiter everywhere they please, they are going to do it!!! This has nothing to do with with being cruel or ruthless towards those who have less. We want you to get help and we obviously have shelled out a pretty penny to see that you do get that help. The Fab 7x7 is simply S O F T and as long as it is that way people will take advantage of it. The problem is not going to just go away…


Simple solution…Give the homeless one way tickets to Sacramento…The rumor in Tahoe is Sacramento did that to us…Lots of homeless here…Enough to make a San Franciscan right at home…lol

I know people here that just go from campground to campground in Rvs…Travelling homeless. .Others just go camp in the woods…Homeless adventurers…lol


No, the reason why the Fab 7x7 is fairly ideal is the mild weather. Come on, how are the homeless gonna deal with SLT in the winter??? And Sacramento, it can be really hot or cold. The lax policing in the Fab 7x7 is the final nail as to why we just have so many here. We let them in with open arms… heck didn’t we give them tents???


Just more “we need to do something”, so something gets done. People go back to sleep in their comfy homes knowing something was done about homelessness. No one cares about if it worked or not.


Gee, ya think???


Let’s see how many projects get built. 30% affordable is a huge cost burden on the other 70% of units.


The problem is what is affordable. Is it 1.2M instead of 1.5M? Teachers still won’t be able to afford that.


True, but remember that Mayor Ed recently just found funding/site for that teachers only housing development out in the Sunset. Not sure teachers will necessarily want to live with other teachers in a collegiate atmosphere (would you, if older?) but the price may be right…



Did I hear somebody is leaving SF?

Good! Nothing new. We have one poster in this forum who did it and he is having a nice life. Except he can’t let go of the Bay Area. He misses the “suffering”. Maybe he likes bondage or any weird stuff? :joy:

Leave the supervisors alone. I saw them yesterday praising and feeling blessed for belonging to that board.

Oh, wait! It wasn’t them? Who were the ones I saw kissing the supreme azz?

Oh, that apprentice episode was in Washington! My bad, sorry. :sweat_smile:

Have fun guys! Life is too short! :kissing_heart:

By the way, I love SF. I go there to eat Pollo Campero and go to the Marina to imagine I have to go on one of my boats. Poor me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I just hate the parking and the potholes, and…:flushed:


Ok, what now, Einsteins???