Democrats have officially become communists

From eliminating property rights in Prop 10. To destroying corporate America. To Antifa. The left has become unhinged. Trump is crazy like a fox. He has driven the left into absolute insanity.


We learned during the cold war that communism fails and why. So why on earth would anyone advocate for it?

Because too many people want to just take money from the rich without working hard to earn it themselves.


Their perception are rich don’t work and exploit the poor. Truth doesn’t matter. They want your money regardless. Is why democracy doesn’t work well if they are too many irresponsible people.


Like people who voted for Prop 13 decades ago, and people who will vote for Prop 5 this year.

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Whoever over that age limit of 55 will vote in favor of this measure.

Property tax is a bad tax. Property tax based on a fixed percentage of market price fluctuation is an unscientific bad tax.

Since many people just rent a house and still use the same social services, I think the property tax is obsolete and should be replaced by sales tax and income tax.

Prop 13 and Prop 5 are just some medicine to treat symptoms, not a cure. The real cure is to replace property tax with income tax and sales tax.

If you really want to tax the asset, charge a stock tax but remove property tax.

Think for 3 days before attacking me

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It is a shock to me when Hillary Clinton seems to be encouraging violence and is not willing to denounce violence or even just clarify a little bit.

Hillary and Bill Clinton plans to do many speeches this year. Are they short on money now? Is their foundation still attracting good money?


That mean renter, instead of the landlord, should be paying the property tax just like utilities, tax based on usage :slight_smile: Whoever occupied, rather than whoever owned the property, pay the property tax :slight_smile:

That’s called triple net. On a commercial property on a triple net the tenant picks up everything

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If tenant doesn’t pay and the property is foreclosed, what do you do?

That is why the practice is not for tenant to pay the property tax but instead landlord would account for that in the rent :slight_smile: Is a private property :slight_smile: we are talking about, not commercial property, I guess if commercial property, the business occupying the property is liable under the law to pay property tax or government would go after it, right?

Sign up residential tenants with NNN leases, just like commercial.

I think we can sign a lease with a pre-tax rent. Then add property tax as second portion. You still ask tenant pay the monthly property tax to you, just to make sure that property tax will be paid.

This will make the tenant feeling good about Prop 13, also defeat lies from leftists

Property tax goes up 2% per year. Water and sewer fees go up more like 8% a year. Repair costs go up about 8% a year. Let the tenants feel the pain.

For NNN commercial, there’s rent and then CAM. CAM is the monthly fee for the NNN items. The tenants pays the landlord for them and the landlord pays the actual bills. Since the CAM bills can vary there’s an annual true up to the actual amount, and the monthly CAM is updated for the next year.


Democratic hypocrisy


Why did Professor Warren publish this “conclusive” result? Will it help or hurt her Native American heritage? I used to believe her more.

She even got a Stanford professor to coroborate. I feel that they are making the people more skeptical of intellectual elite’s words

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She is no better than this fraud. Lied to get preferences in jobs. She is a lying hypocrite who impersonated an Indian to get ahead. The real Native Americans should shun her.

Law school directories from the Association of American Law Schools from 1986 to 1995 put Warren on the association’s list of “minority law teachers” when she was teaching at the University of Texas and the University of Pennsylvania.

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