Democrats on border wall


Michael J. Stern, a member of USA TODAY’s Board of Contributors, was a federal prosecutor for 25 years in Los Angeles and Detroit. Follow him on Twitter: @MichaelJStern1

“I’m one of you. I voted for Hillary Clinton not because she was the better of two bad choices but because I was enthusiastic about a Clinton presidency. In the past two years, I’ve donated to Democratic campaigns around the country in an effort to slow the moral corrosion that comes with every candidate who bears the Trump brand. And, as a gay Jew, I’m a member of two minority groups — three if my therapist is correct in her obsessive-compulsive disorder diagnosis.”



“ It’s a rare Democrat who calls for open borders, where immigrants who advocate violence against Americans, or who have criminal histories, can freely wander into the United States. But Democrats’ own proposals for securing the border have been delivered in such hushed tones that the party comes across as blindly objecting to all forms of border security.”



Some Clinton supporters are against illegal immigration. Clintons are not in favor of illegal immigration as well.

Media’s opinion is turning and its opinion is moving closer to Trump’s opinion. This is very surprising.

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The Democrats are a hot mess. AOC and Bernie are going to drive them off the cliff Nancy knows it and can’t do a thing to stop it.

Have to watch on YouTube
Too controversial for Some



Uh, that would be just a mess.



New York Times on Omar



trump will win



I don’t get how people like her and AOC can win an election. People either don’t pay attention to what they say or just don’t care.