Deportation news

Disclaimer: illegal immigrants can come from the whole world. Anyone who illegally crosses the border are illegal immigrants. The numbers from different countries are different. But let’s talk about illegal immigration and deportations without any sensitivity to particular countries, particular races, particular ethnicities and particular whatnot.

This is only for policy discussions and its impact on RE. No personal attack and personal insult is allowed.

Any personal attack and insult should apply to the source and only to the source.

Since this will be a hot topic for a while, let’s keep less threads about illegal immigration and deportation and make other threads focusing on other topics.

Disclaimer2: shared articles and news are of their author’s opinion. Sharing an article is for information only. Sharing is not an endorsement of the article.

Disclaimer3: The best medicine for ignorance is to respect the fact. More facts will make everyone less ignorant and more intelligent. Btw, more intelligent and less ignorant have the same meaning, but let’s use “more intelligent” instead of “less ignorant”, ok?

Here is the first piece of news.

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Of the three ways to deal with illegal immigrants, Trump opted for deportation instead of issuing work permits and naturalization. As RE investors, we don’t care about the rights or wrongs of the decision. We care about the impact on RE… since we’re all in SFBA, the impact on RE in SFBA, minimal interest for other places except Austin :grin: and may be, Nevada :grinning:

Arizona is also interesting :grinning:

Yes, we only care about what the policy is, what is implemented, what’s actually happened, and its impact on real estate. We have no interest to make judgments about the policy.

What are those illegal immigrants in SFBA doing?

Other than staying at home and schooling, my guess is they are into handyman, gardening and construction. What else? Are there agriculture in SFBA?

So deporting them would increase cost of gardening, handyman and construction. That would reduce cash flow from rentals i.e. lower cap rate but increases capital gain because house price in the real SV is likely to increase. However, prices outside the real SV would decrease because my speculation is the illegal immigrants stay outside the real SV.

House cleaning will be more expensive. Other than Rommba, is there any other good inventions to make cleaning more efficient? HD sells a mob that can dry with a foot pedal, that makes floor mopping much more pleasant. But house cleaning is only needed during move in and out. Sometimes for the messy tenants, I really wish them to make the house cleaner

How many illegal immigrants are homeowners? That would be a very important data for housing market.

I’m sure not many, but they do rent which drives up home prices

We already have enough threads talking about immigration and deportation. Please refrain from opening duplicate threads. I don’t want the front page of the forum to be all about immigration.

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