Did a house in Palo Alto really just sell for $30 million?

County records show on May 18 someone named Audrey Scott, trustee for the Jones Family Trust, paid a whopping $30,000,000 for the four-bedroom, seven-bath home at 1107 Cowper Street in Palo Alto’s uber-desirable “Professorville” neighborhood.

Yes, houses in San Francisco and exclusive Bay Area towns like Atherton and Woodside have sold for $20 million and more before. But the Cowper sales is a real shocker, even in this mind-boggingly red-hot real estate market. The buyer, in effect, picked up four bedrooms at a cost of about $7.5 million each.

Built in 1997, the single-family home is 7,550 square feet and sits on nearly a full acre lot in the middle of one the region’s most sought-after locations. There’s a pool and an intercom system and a bunch of other amenities tucked within its two-story living space.

Wow, you don’t say…a pool and an INTERCOM SYSTEM!!! OMG, what an amenity!!! What, that Nest thermostat would have pushed this to easily $35M??? Come on!!!

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I dare you keep up with these Jones. :smile:

With a 1 acre lot, I can see why it is higher than normal, but I don’t get the $30M price tag. Atherton isn’t that high right now, and you’d get a lot more bedrooms. And for that price, I don’t imagine you care about the schools. $10M would pay for private schools a couple times over.

Generally the $30M in Woodside gets a large® house and a multi-acre lot.

I’m curious if this is another Zuckerberg “I’ll buy it no matter what it costs” sale? Couldn’t he just have it under a fake name?
It looks like there is an attorney in PA named Audrey Scott so maybe not…

This isn’t the only off transaction. At least this is an acre and has a huge house. Check out 555 Kingsley for a head scratcher. 15M for 10k sqft lot. I think there’s more here than we can see.

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11.3M for 559 Kingsley…

WTH??? 559 Kingsley sold for $172,500 in 2012???


Redfin Estimate on Cowper is $11M. So, yeah, something weird is happening.