Did You Catch This Los Gatos Home On The News?

Anticipated to get maybe 1.4M or so…

Wow, I’m good… LP miraculously just changed to 1.4M…

Los Gatos has rent control. Avoid.

Rich people are not concerned about rent control.

Are you calling @BAGB poor?

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No, but some rich people who don’t really dabble in RE aren’t gonna care about rent control. Someone is going to buy this POS and build a fantastic SFH. It ain’t gonna be rented out…

He is not as rich as you. So relatively speaking.

Once the rent control communists take over tear down potential projects won’t exist. Tenants will never leave. Neighborhoods will just fall apart and turn into slums.
Rent control is worst than carpet bombing like in WW2.
At least after a city is blown up there is an incentive to rebuild. Nuclear war is preferable to rent control.

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A tear down.
Not sure one can use the concrete base and build from there or grading… It appears the asking price for the sloped lot is a bit steep? The numbers do not add up after one has a new mansion built.