Did you prepare your home for this winter? I certainly didn't!

Those who know my rant about how I got our home will remember the lack of good craftsmanship in that, what they call “remodel”.

A month ago my wife calls me to the living room. On the treadmill I could see some kind of sputtered water on it. I thought one of my kids had spilled soda or something like that. As I was to turn around to get away from it, water fell on my face!

Dang I said. WTH? Then I noticed that from the top of the window, in the inside, the wind was pushing water into the house. I went outside and noticed this smaller than 1/4 inch gap and that’s where the wind was pushing the water into our home.

Basically, it seems they just pushed the window through the square space and put a ridiculous bid of caulking. I had to wait for better days to recaulk the windows.

How about you?

The weather has been a nightmare in Tahoe…But the good news is the Lake is already up to the highest level in 5 years, headed to one on of the highest levels ever…High winds, record snows and rain . Avalanche of rock closed 50 last night…Good skiing when the mtn is open. …closed today, 100mph winds…Complaints from the BA which has the best weather anywhere fall on deaf ears here…lol
The snow on my glass patio table was 5’ high…No big deal till the rain came and collapsed it…
Been a couple of roof collapses and trees falling on houses…

It’s that unusual?

This is a 50-100 year event. .The worst since 1992 or even 1982, and winter is only half way, a lot more to come…It is a hell of a ride…89 has been closed for weeks at Emerald Bay…It was open pretty much all the time these last 4 winters I have lived here…There have been 60 year old cabins washed down the American river on 50…wait till spring, there will be massive flooding down stream…We have a huge snow pack…If we get a lot of warm rain in April there be huge floods in the valley and Delta…if I hear more official talk about the drought I will puke…Folsom has already been filled up and dumped twice. …

Record precip and more to come

Look at tahoe Basin…200-380 percentage of normal, year to date…Well over 100% for the whole year that ends in July

I think the drought is no longer an issue.
But yes, that snow melting will cause havoc. Protect yourself, will ya?

I have spent a lot of time shoveling and pumping water…The rain and snow together have made a real mess…Had to hire guys to shovel the roof, ice daming

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Redid my drainage during El Niño 1-2 years ago, cleaned out gutters, inspected roof, etc.

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Home, sweet home…:scream:

La Honda has been fine except for those four folk in the "slidy"part of town - although I’m expecting a whopping new “special fee” on my property tax bill once the county fixes the problem. They don’t do anything out here without charging extra for it. I pay an extra $500 a year (still) for a 2004 slide - people closer to it pay $1000. Power here has been exceptionally reliable under the circumstances. Road closures have been manageable with the local Yahoo group constantly being updated with the best routes in and out of town.
Did have a problem last week with water pooling next to the toilet. Toilet leak? Skylight leak? Cleaned it up twice. Finally figured it out.
I was bored, stuck here reading, so I had the wood stove going for ambiance even when I didn’t need it. The stove heated up the house and bathroom more than usual for the winter (the storms didn’t drop the outside temp much). So the cold water in the toilet tank caused lots of condensation on the warmer outside which was dripping off and all pooling in one place. Sometimes we create our own problems!

Glad to know you guys are OK. That’s all what matters.

Another storm coming our way?

A powerful storm is beginning to move into California as the saturated state faces a new round of wet weather that could trigger flooding and debris flows.

The brunt of the storm is expected to affect Southern California starting around midday Friday and into Saturday.

The foothill city of Duarte east of Los Angeles has ordered a precautionary evacuation of some homes, and the Santa Anita race track has canceled horse racing for the day.

Forecasters say rain will also spread into Central California and up to the San Francisco Bay Area.

The far northern end of the state will not see significant precipitation from the storm, however.

The National Weather Service says only scattered light showers are occurring in the region north of Sacramento, where the damaged Oroville Dam continues to release water in advance of new storms.


A powerful storm hit California with the first in a new series of rainstorms moving across the northern half of the state while the south awaited a rains that forecasters said could be the strongest in years if not decades.

Rain, accompanied by heavy winds, pelted the San Francisco Bay Area, where Marin and Napa counties logged up to an inch of precipitation. San Francisco recorded 1.67 inches for the day, according to the National Weather Service. In Northern California, officials monitoring the stricken Oroville Dam said they were confident the reservoir would handle runoff from the storms because releases have been lowering the lake’s level since its spillways were damaged last week, prompting mass evacuations. People are now back in their home but warned to be ready to leave at a moment’s notice.

Precipitation also moved down the Central Coast counties, but forecasters said it was only a light precursor to a dangerous atmospheric river taking aim at Southern California.

The plume of moisture stretching far out over the Pacific was expected to arrive early Friday and last through the day and into Saturday.

Flood warnings for the period were in effect for rivers and creeks up and down the state. High wind warnings were issued for mountains and valleys, which could see gusts to 70 mph.

“The storm looks to be the strongest storm to hit southwest California this season,” the National Weather Service office for the Los Angeles region wrote. “It is likely the strongest within the last six years and possibly even as far back as December 2004 or January 1995.”

Rainfall predictions ranged from 2 inches to 6 inches on the coast and from 5 inches to 10 inches in foothills and coastal mountain slopes.

Jerry Rootlieb piled sandbags in front of the white wooden gate at his waterfront house in Seal Beach, saying it may not be enough to keep water from inside his house.

“I’m hoping it doesn’t get that bad, but if we get 3 inches or more, it’ll be higher than those sandbags,” Rootlieb told KTTV-TV. "I’m concerned."

Squaw valley already has almost 500 inches of snow…100 more to date than in the 2010-2011 record season. .Plus a huge amount of rain that they dont measure. …More snow this week. .In an average year they get 450 by July 1…Season is only half over…Could top 1000"

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I’ve never seen this much rain in a long time.

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Anybody who owns a home, or has properties for rent, go and check your trees. I have seen in the last 3 days, 1 tree falling on properties or cars, 1 a day.
I am talking about it, in a radius of 1 mile from my home.

Don’t park under trees in this rainy windy weather

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The water is destroying some properties in San Jose…watch this video…


Recalling an old thread. Winter of 17 was brutal. But this winter is longer, colder and potentially wetter.
Over 500 inches at Palisades by Friday exceeds average annual. First World Cup race in 50 years there this weekend
My neighbor needs help shoveling


Picked up about 5" last night and this morning but it was powdery so it shoveled away fast. Last week I had 2-3 inches of icy stuff that was hell to shovel. Two hours of that wasted me. I have so much area to shovel I use a 30" wide pusher as a shovel as well. Each shovel full as maybe 15-20 pounds. I have a brake now until Wednesday when I get another foot or so. This all beats '19-'20 when at one point we got nearly 4ft at once.

Up to 130” in this week of storms. Drought? No doubt if you’re a Sacramento bureaucrat.