Diridon Townhouses, Guess how much these go?

Both these houses are redfin hot homes.



Guesstimate (or How much do you think worth if you bid for it) how much it goes ! Google complex changed equations, making it hot home.

I will guesstimate after 10 responses !

Jil, if and when Google builds and moves in people, dont you think we will hit a low point from now to then?

Why pay premium right now for something that’s doesnt get built in 10 yrs. Just curious

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Exactly and a lot can happen before it gets built.

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I do not know, it is not my speculation, but people’s ! Lot of google employees, esp Asians , are multiple bidding here. Since multiple bids are happening, there will be few rounds of verbal and written counters.

Since no one predicted here, here is my guess.

Frederick will be between 1.125M-1.15M range. (crappy 4 levels right from tandem garage)

Gaspar will be above 1.15M, may be around 1.2M+ range as the TH is better than Frederick.

I went to the open house, just for knowing the details, Good amount of visitors coming. I am just telling the forum members what is happening. The homes are going as if they are in mountain view.

I seriously doubt google emplyees are bidding, because there might be google offices nearby in 10 years. People don’t stay at one company that long. It’s not like google is moving it’s HQ either. These will be extra offices and no one knows what teams will be located there.

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Agree. Usually speculation by us, RE investors, would go in earlier.

google employees are aging, though, this is kind of actually what makes the company much slower to move these days.

It is hard to know who until final end. However, crowd is there and people were bidding from 1.05M to 1.511.

This home was won by Cloudera person, needs 100k work and bought ay 1.511M