Discussion Purpose, Which one you prefer, Daly City or Redwood City, for Long hold

Your aim is to get maximum return, both cash flow and appreciation together after 10 years of hold.

For discussion purpose, Assume you have full cash to purchase this home, planned to rent, but trying to hold it for 10 years and then sell.

Which one of the two,If you buy full cash, you get better return? Try to provide whatever justification possible to claim your decision, like good location or Ghetto area…etc

Redwood City, hands down.

Colma stinks. No appeal to Asian buyers unless you are okay with living next to the cemetery.


Do you feel Daly City has better cash flow+future appreciation (other than this home near by cemetery) than Redwood city (other than Emerald hills area)?

Wow, $650k investment for some house where you can bike to Facebook headquarter for work? Hurry! This won’t last… :slight_smile:

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The LA indicated “This great property won’t last long”. I was thinking similarly, near by Google and Facebook, and the home becomes redfin hot home. I see most of investors are interested in such property.

I understand this is good deal for rental, but how about living as primary home? There is no good size lot and there is no garage except to park cars at drive way.

That’s a problem. Will have to do something drastic to add a garage.

This home, I feel we can not add garage with that lot size. Only way to park on drive way. Google view provide metal swing gate outside, looks fine to park outside home.

Altogether, good rental value

You can demolish the home and build a two-story house with first floor garage.

I would cross Macarthur off the list due to lot issues. The neighborhood has a mixture of lot widths, but it will always be vulnerable because of it being so narrow.

Daly City has been on fire lastly at least in 94015 (I don’t like 94014). Those that were sold around 850K last year are around 1M today. And with the right in-law unit downstairs you can rent out, so IMO, more cash flow than Redwood city. Question is how will appreciation change?

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DC…I don’t know the neighborhoods in DC but illegal inlaw units rule in DC, better for long term cash flow…MacArthur is a crappy house in a crappy neighborhood. .Never buy 25’ wide lots in Redwood City…they are substandard. .makes parking a nightmare. .Where is the garage?


Ditto. Though redwood city is gentrifying, i expect that neighborhood to be on the trailing end… Unless people want to argue otherwise.

Will a google worker be willing to rent there? What kind of tenants can one expect?

Latino neighborhood, low income working class area. …

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Maybe FB can gentrify it. It’s pretty close.

FB has already gentrified EPA and East Menlo Park. Low income area of RWC may be next

No, but a Facebook worker probably will. Otherwise, it’s an 80%+ Hispanic area last I checked. That area has gangs, drugs, and issues, but is being gentrified. As long as the renter doesn’t know what they’re getting into, you/they will be fine. :slight_smile:

Redwood city would be gentrified quickly. With price similar to EPA, I think redwood city is a better buy than day city.

I was more bullish on SF. But Uber and Airbnb seems inferior to FB/Goog.

Are there section 8 tenants in San Mateo county? If so, which city do they live? I heard of section 8 in SF, Oakland, Antioch, but never heard of section 8 in San Mateo county and Santa Clara county. This seems to be very strange, I guess SMC and SCC must have same number of vouchers

My buddy just sold a 8 unit building for $2.8 m that was worth $1.2m 3 years ago, in the worst part of RWC…I would say you missed the the big gentrification bump…

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What the @!@##!!!

I’m not surprised. It’s equally between SJ and SF which has to appeal to dual income families. It was much cheaper than the cities near it on the peninsula.