DNA racism

I tend to agree that “fat” are a little happier than thin people.

Funny about " Latin Lovers " and "English patient”.

In 2000, the San Francisco Chronicle reported, he told an audience at the University of California at Berkeley that there was a link between sunlight exposure and sex drive, saying: “That’s why you have Latin Lovers. You’ve never heard of an English lover. Only an English patient.” He also suggested that thin people weren’t happy, which made them inherently more ambitious than “fat people.”

shows that nobel prize does not automatically mean common sense.

Scientists can’t be scientists anymore. You have to agree with the left-wing agenda or you losing your funding and/or job.


People in cold climate might be more ambitious than the people from the warm climate.

People from the north need more sleep than people in the south. Does the sunlight make people sleep less?

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Tropics have abundant food sources, humans don’t have to work so hard for food hence less ambitious.

That’s why Bezos should have stayed in Seattle. He spent too much time in sunny Hollywood mingling with silicone babes.

Latin Lovers or LA lovers?

Why is Bezos in LA? Highly suspicious. His wife should have got some idea

WQJ favorite topic yet he didn’t comment. The professor is from UCB where he graduated.

he believed African intelligence was genetically lower than that of Europeans.

Logically true if the evolution theory is true. Even if the original humans that walked out of the African caves are not as intelligent as those stay in the caves, after much hardships dealing with and conquering the nature, their brains become smarter. Human brains improve as they face hardship not from complacencies.

Living condition is harshest in Africa though? Maybe it was too harsh?

Are you talking about now and when humans first walk out of the caves to explore?

I met a couple of highly intelligent African Americans. They are smarter than most of you guys

Smarter than you :slight_smile: I know Africans score below Singaporeans in GCE ‘O’ and ‘A’ :slight_smile: And I have yet to meet any intelligent African Americans.

If things were good why would the first humans leave?

Maybe it’s the immigrant effect. The people who chose to leave were by definition risk seeking and more motivated.

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Smarter than you as well

Have you met Obama?

Refer to your IQ list, very high IQs can’t be politicians, and politicians’ IQ are all lower than professors, freaks and eccentrics.

Geez, thought I’m eccentric.

Can’t deny you are a freak. :smile:

Obama is 102

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I have a very high EQ so no comment at all :rofl:

Sunlight converts vitamin D2 into D3 which among other things regulates sleep.