Do real estate videos help sell homes faster? - Research for class

Hi everyone! :slight_smile:

I’m Jerico from Vallejo, CA and I’m a student in a marketing/advertising class and I chose to pick real estate as my niche to study.

I need to do a market survey for class and ask:

What problems do most real estate professionals have that video advertising (like video walkthroughs, drone/aerial footage) can help alleviate?

I currently do not have any RE experience and my hypotheses are that videos would:

  1. help get more people to see your listings (sharing through social media)
  2. “wow” your clients with captivating video
  3. get more interested leads to call you
  4. sell properties faster?
  5. …??

This is all I can come up with for now. :sweat_smile: What do you guys think?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


If it’s a well made video that is more then just some set of still pictures accompanied with music, it definitely helps me remember the property. However, it wont affect me paying more for the property. if the objective is to get attention and get people to remember, then a well made video would have worked with me. A mediocre or poor video will have the opposite effect as i would consider it a waste of my time.

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A good video or good photos helps the buyer to prelim scan it. Good Visual is always better for selling, but most likely will not change the price.

Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

I think the videos might be helpful in reaching clients who are less familiar with the neighborhood or unable to tour at a moment’s notice. The aerial footage would probably only be worthwhile/expected for luxury properties or those set in more scenic locations. My feeling is that good videos may or may not help individual sales but could leave a positive impression as to the quality of the listing agent’s services.

In my opinion, rather than a drone video or video collage of still photos, a better value add service is a 3-D walk thru of the home that cameras like matterport provide. You would see this on Redfin listings but a lot of professional photographers now offer this as part of their bundle.

Pro: Buyers can almost do a tour of the house sitting at their laptop. Obviously increases exposure and mind share.

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Video walkthroughs provide a clear experience of the property without buyers having to physically visit each one. This saves time for both buyers and agents so they can focus on properties that genuinely match the buyer’s preferences.

While video walkthrough is an improvement or better than still pics, I am of the personal belief that it still takes a physical walk through to really feel the flow of a home. Home flow is very important. I don’t believe a video can capture that same experience completely and satisfactorily. And frankly, on such a big purchase why on earth would you not want to touch, see and be there physically?

I understand your perspective on the limitations of video walkthroughs compared to physically experiencing a home’s flow. You’re absolutely right that there’s a unique value in being present within the space to truly grasp its flow and ambiance.

But my point is that the idea behind video walkthroughs is not necessarily to replace the physical experience but to complement it. They serve as an initial screening tool to help potential buyers narrow down their options efficiently. This can be especially useful in situations where visiting every property might be impractical due to time constraints or geographical distances.

Agreed, but there is no inventory in the first place!!! LOL