Do we Need a Real Estate Agent to Buy a Home?

It is really hard to find a professional Realtor and keep on trusting them. Another one which is super confusing is that how much amount they ask for?This is really a hard decision to go with.we are leading realtors in Mountain house where you can buy/sell homes with in our budget. Here are some tips that you need a realtors advice
1)Education and experience
2)Agent Buffers
3)Neighborhood Knowledge
4)Price Guidance
5)Professional Networking
6)Negotiation Skills & Confidentiality
7)Develop Relationships for Future Business
8)Answer Questions After Closing

No one on this forum is buying Mtn House

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As long as lawyers exist realtors are needed. The legal system treats RE transactions like the legal system… An adversarial system… The CAR contract is changing weekly in response to lawsuits… I keeps getting longer and more complicated… It’s all done by their lawyers in LA . They don’t even tell agents anymore about each change… no matter how often you buy or sell the rules will be different each time

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Yes we need a Real estate Agent to buy a home, as they are from this field and they have knowledge and real estate agent will make things easy for us. TO find homes and everything related to real estate.

I haven’t had a problem trusting the Redfin agents. I’m sorry the realtors in Mountain House are less reliable.