Do you see similar issues with with your computer?

Last two weeks, I faced the same issue intermittently. Whenever I visit this forum, I am getting blocked browser saying site is unable to reach…check Security administrator etc.

Last week few times, yesterday one time and today two times. I tried IE, firefox, chrome using my computer at home and work, same issue. I had a doubt whether my home router blocks it, but the same issue with my office network. On both the times, I used my computer. May be McAfee issue, I tried to resolve. So far, no success. Cleared browser cache…etc, invain no change.

Today, Until now, I was unable see this forum. However, I was able to see/access/update using my iphone.

This issue happens for this forum alone intermittently, but not with reddit or any other sites so far. From morning to now, it was blocked, but now I see the forum. I do not know how long further !!

Do you see similar issues with with your computer? Any one is facing the same issue?

This also happens to me sometimes and I figured it was either my phone or the website.

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Interesting… I never had issues. So the error message says something about security?

Yes, when it happens next time, I will capture screen shot.

Haven’t seen that issue. I primarily use desktop.


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Found the issue. If I give www in front of, I get error.

If I do not give www, it is working fine

I updated the DNS record. Should work now.

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Verified, it is working now !!!


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