DocuSign has filed confidentially for IPO

The real disruptir in RE.


Gee, where is this company based, Fearless Leader???

Next to your place? Just now, I signed a docusign too !!!


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Do you guys have enough money to invest?

It must be crazy to have so many deals, and not being able to grab one, or two, or three and on and on. Right?

I am just anxiously waiting for those newly minted SF millionaire employees to burst out and go buy toys and homes. Bay Area home prices are about to jump again!!!


Do not say this ! I just gave $200k+ over LP san jose offer, crossing fingers.


Oh, but you’re good right? Not IPO’d yet…


DocuSign has been around for 15 years I think. Early employees with sizable option grants should all have kids now and bought homes. Don’t expect a RE pop from them.


Come on, when a ton of money comes onto the market you want me to believe nothing will come of it? Ok, so these people who have kids may want to buy homes for their kids before their kids are priced out. How’s that?

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Gee! I wouldn’t spend my money over here. Nor they will.

Yeah, but do they make money?

Docusign? Yes, they make money, almost all realtors (many other companies using them too) started using them and they need to pay subscription.


Yes, I too just signed using DocuSign. They seem to be the standard…

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They have free apps. Just wonder if they are just buying market share or are they actually make money.

I also wonder if their signatures stand up in court.

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You can google with the titles listed here and it will take you to the correct pages

Docusign has a lot of competitors though, like Adobe (formerly Echosign), Hellosign, Pandadoc, etc…just off the top of my head.


But DocuSign is the most famous and well known. Question is what’s their moat except brand recognition. I do believe there are positive network effects in this business model. However, are switching costs high enough?


Startups I worked at don’t use Docusign due to costs. Don’t know about other companies but it seems fairly easy to switch from one to another.

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At the close of the markets New York time, DocuSign closed at $39.96, up nearly 38 percent from its IPO price of $29 and giving the company a market cap of $6 billion.

Anyone bought?

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