Does anyone else on here really hate NextDoor?

Really beginning to get irritated with people on NextDoor constantly starting fights on threads and spamming everyone with their services for sale - I feel like it’s a lot of people who don’t have jobs constantly trolling to argue about stupid stuff like politics, suspicious people (when they really just mean someone who is a minority in their area / doesn’t look like they belong), growth, etc.

I have completely tuned out of Nextdoor since last year.

Our leads don’t really allow political posts. We get a lot of missing cats, loose dogs, and crime reports. I don’t really read a lot of the random "I need a " or “My daughter is offering to babysit”, but I do appreciate the crime stuff. The police have someone who posts if they need to contact the community.

I think you may be able to set what you receive via email.

Mine is fine-- mostly furniture for sale, lost pets, and so forth. Some local issues like traffic or break ins. Maybe it’s because we have good leads?

I don’t spend a lot of time there but I ask for contractor Recs … Always nice to be able to see how someone’s job turned out in person

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I am the neighborhood lead for Nextdoor and I seldom read it.



Ours is fine. I tune out on any political babbling anywhere.

I love Nextdoor. Particularly for the freebies. And to get rid of stuff, either for sale or for free.

Some Q&A are very useful. Could be anything, gardening, neighborhood stuff, home repair, etc.

Crime reports and neighborhood info. I read them. Can be useful, but I don’t get much use out of these.

A lot of lost dogs and cats posts, which is helpful to others, but not to me.

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We get all the fun of NextDoor right here…

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Use referrals from Nextdoor with caution as you would with any referral. Not because they are false, but because most people can be satisfied easily.

It really does bring out the worst in neighbors… and you have to live nextdoor to them.

But Facebook does as well.

agreed. I’ve found most people are pretty much clueless when it comes to what is a "good job"on something and a “reasonable” price.

A week ago, my Filipino friends showed me a piece of paper with an invitation to join Nextdoor. With a “special discount” if you joined before x date and used x code. :laughing:

Nextdoor is like inviting your “spam-enemies” to show up at your front door. :wink: