Does anyone know a huge retractable tv for the outdoor area?

I was invited to a party on the weekend. A really very nice house with a large garden and pool area. When I was sitting in the garden towards evening, a huge TV pulled out of the floor and spread out. The TV was about 200 inches diagonal. We could watch football and anyone who wanted to watch the game had a good look at the TV. Unfortunately I couldn’t ask the owner of the house what kind of TV it was. Does anyone know of such televisions that extend out of the ground and then open? I know outdoor TVs or TVs that come out of the ground or the outdoor kitchen by a mechanism, but until now I have never seen outdoor TVs that have then spread. The size was fascinating to me too. I would be of great help if you can help me. Maybe somebody has seen it before.

Search web with terms:

Multi-panel, motorized, Tv screens, projector screens


Of course I’ve already looked. but didn’t really find anything. Sure you can find a few motorized TVs, also for outdoor activities, but they are all much smaller. I wanted to try it here, it could well have been that such a TV was installed in the course of a property upgrade.

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These sounds incredible! How can a television rise out of the ground? Do you just mean a screen and there was a beamer behind you? I have never seen a 200 inch TV in a garden before. Does that also mean that everything is waterproof? I imagine it must be…

Found it:)
The TV is from C-Seed. I don’t know if it is allowed to post photos or videos so I prefer not to. If you want, you can watch the videos.

@notcreative Watch the Videos of the TV. It’s easier when you see it.

It is not a projector, it is a real TV where the screen can be folded up so that the opening in the floor does not have to be that big. In this “garage” the TV is protected from the weather. The TV doesn’t mind if it’s switched on and it starts to rain.


Oh wow, I’ve never seen anything like that before! I’ve watched one of those videos where the TV unfolds. This looks spectacular. Actually, I’m surprised by the picture quality of the TV. The videos look super sharp. Where did you get across that again? Is the quality as good as it appears on the video?

Definitely feel free to post pictures and links.

And… if you find it… the price!

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Thought you would praise C-Seed for that innovative marketing.


I found the video of a private person: C SEED TV installed on a superyacht - YouTube
The other videos are almost all by C-Seed itself.

This video is from a TV installed on a yacht, but of course it was the same technology at the house.

I was invited to a company party. The party was in a large property and there was this TV. Never seen that before, the party then shifted around the TV :slight_smile:

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I think people who own a giant super yacht (such as the one I saw in the video that TrealT posted) don’t care about the price of a TV, would they? They just play in other dimensions so to say… I guess that if quality, technology and design are excellent, yacht owners and so would want to buy such a TV… And I have to admit that this device is really spectacular…which certainly not everyone has in his garden or yacht… And of course, it must be a real eye-catcher at a house party…I just wonder how it is possible to ensure such good quality for a foldable television… so far I have only heard from foldable smartphones…is it the same technology?

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