Don't Be Messing With My Costco!

Ooh, interesting court case. I can see Costco’s point to a certain extent…

Damn it, that huge bag of tortilla chips just got more expensive…

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$19m is a drop in the bucket for Costco…love Costco, even bought a Tuxedo there…

Wow! I wonder if anyone has actually bought a casket from Costco? I take it the return policy is not much to speak of…

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Unless I missed them or they only have them in the Costco Elite stores(:grinning:) but why don’t they set up free standing fitting room booths so that you can try on the darn clothes!!! What, they are worried you are going to stick that pot roast down your drawers? What, they want you to have to come back into the store and exchange (and therefore spend even more)? Come on, Costco!!!

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Hey Uncle @Elt1, they are being mean to my Costco…again!!! I wonder if this is like how they say celebrity deaths come in 3s…

Costco has such a great return policy you try things on at home…But it is easy to try a jacket on at the store…Pants may have to be hemmed

Article didn’t mention two of the popular reasons why people go to Costco, filling fuel tank and cheap take-aways e.g. pizza and roast chicken. Their in-house Kirkland brand products are cheap and good :grin: Went there weekly mainly to fill fuel tank. If Whole Foods offer that :slight_smile: then Costco is doom :rage:

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Whole Foods got bought by Amazon which is in Seattle. Costco also from Seattle. Seattle owning us fast and furiously. Need to start “buy local”.


I’m sure a huge percent of food sold by both is from California.


Just saw someone returning like 20 dead (unwatered) plants to costco.

Hey, don’t need the staging props anymore…:grinning:

I have 3 large new windows left by a previous owner…Wonder if I can return them to Home Depot. .Could be 10 years since purchase…

Can you somehow donate them and possibly take a tax deduction???

I plan on giving them to a friend…Been on craigslist with some interest but windows have to match and fit…rarely happens…

Yeah, my Big Bro long time ago got hold of a lot of new windows and same thing some interest but what are the odds of matching up with what someone needs?

My buddy is a property manager has the room to store them and can wait for someone who needs them…I am sure they were special order…not returnable

Hate to see them go to the dump… $600 worth of windows

Like I said, can’t you possibly donate them to say Habitat For Humanity or some non profit organization and take a tax deduction? Check with your tax advisor…

Hey, return policy at Costco is excellent…:laughing:

If I was homeless I would live in Costco… Free samples… Sleep up high in the racks… Plenty of free clothing if you don’t check out