Don't Commit To A Neighborhood Before Checking These 3 Things

at least according to this guy…

Interesting he doesn’t mention schools. They have a huge impact on home values. If you’re investing, I’d go for areas with average but improving schools. You get normal appreciation plus an extra bump as schools improve.

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Agreed, folks on here certainly look at that criteria but then again you could have a situation like Oakland where the schools are fairly mediocre yet home prices are still going up due to the demand. I suppose not unlike in Fremont in those non Mission San Jose/Irvington school districts the folks who are coming in mostly (young, tech/professionals) will help to drive to improve the school ratings (assuming they have kids even).

If the Oakland trend continues, those schools will improve. That will increase home values even more. Look for areas that become trendy with the young, educated professionals. I’d also look at places popular with Asians that are priced out of Cupertino. Statistically speaking, Asians have higher test scores, so if the percent of Asian kids in a school increases the school scores will improve. You could also look at areas that are becoming less Hispanic or African American, because they statistically have lower test scores. If they become a smaller percent of kids in the school, then scores will increase.