Don't Ever Do This Sellers

How not to price a home for market…(even the lucky 8s wont’t save your arse…)


Are we supposed to guess what the next number is in sequence?


Well, the next auspicious number I guess would be 1,688,888…

Not the best neighborhood, but not horrible. It is close to Mission, so convenient if you want to take Muni.

I went to school not far from there. Was Luther Burbank middle school. Now it’s June Jordan high school.

I’d love a price like this: $1,666,666 :stuck_out_tongue:

Close enough… (No, this is not my house!!!)

Hey @myo, maybe you can lowball this one and win it…

The next one must be $1,628,888 :smile:

Or, $1,648,888 first… :slight_smile:

A better buy 4 months ago. $1.37M for a 6 year old house in Ingleside.

Is Ingleside more expensive than Outer Mission?

I would say yes, generally speaking. The better Ingleside Terrace area has those nice large detached SFHs with big lots by SF State.

The seller is toying with me with the 8’s!!!

Still available looks like, gang… killer 4 and bad pricing strategy = property not selling after 3 months which is truly an eternity in the Fab 7x7 housing market…

I’d like $1,666,888 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Can you wrap it to go please?

Believe me, if you are going to offer more now than the current pricing the owner will do more than wrap it up for you. Come on, when is the last time honestly you saw a home in the Fab 7x7 not sell within weeks? Stay under 2M. As you can imagine, I track a lot of houses cuz I like real estate porn. Practically every, every, house I have in my Redfin saved profile has Contingent, Pended or Sold. This is one that is I guess simply overpriced for what it is. The market has spoken. Either pull it or rent it out and wait for a better day…

You didn’t get the joke? 666?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I see, in your culture, that is bad but 68 is actually pretty good in Chinese…

That’s true, 666 is way better than 444.

In my culture “666” is 3 sixes together. Or six hundred and sixty six.

Oh, you mean the religious people? Duh! I don’t have anything to comment about them. They are still waiting for the rapture. Or rape, whichever is convenient for their agenda :stuck_out_tongue:

I believe in it…

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