Don't Rent to Uber A-holes

I remember reading about a story of some Uber exec suing his landlord in Pac Height, so I went looking for it. Here it is, from 2014:

This is the same guy who suggested digging up dirt on journalists who wrote unflattering articles on Uber:

I will think thrice before renting to Uber employees…

Is that a discrimation against Uber employees for social justice?

Nothing to do with “social justice”. I just don’t want to deal with a-holes and getting sued. Like the Guardian article I posted a while back, if someone works there for longer than say two years, there is likely something not right with that person.

As far as I can tell, “Uber employees” is not a protective class.

Aren’t you painting a very, very broad stroke with your paint brush, Sir? People come in all shapes and sizes. I can probably find some “bad person” in the most ethical company and vice versa.

You know my style. :slight_smile: I also tell people to stay away from multi-fam in Bay Area.

To be fair, being Asian we are often stereotyped (rightfully or wrongfully) for many things. Because I wouldn’t like to be treated like that by anyone I don’t do that in return. I am about to interview some job candidates later today and I will remind myself to be extra objective even though I know all of the candidates from my past lives. Everyone deserves a fair shake.

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But, let me ask you this: Shouldn’t these guys be home owners?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Admin managers and above perhaps. Rank and file drivers probably not…

That A-hole exec chose to rent in Pac Height instead of buying.

People should have the freedom to be a tenant instead of homeowner, no matter how bad or how good they are. It’s highly likely that the Uber exec can’t afford to buy a house in pacific heights, or had bad credit. If he was involved in a lawsuit, he can’t even get a mortgage

Do not bash the tenants. Even if you are nice to them, they still want to rent control you to deep hole