Dow Down 666 Points



For those who have cash, prefer 1987.


Single & penniless, hungering for woman. So didn’t bother with stock market or real estate. I’m a late bloomer.


I am betting on 1987. Unless Trump is taken down…Then it is the 1970s again


My bid at $500 :genie:

What about NVDA? The one who owned AI & anything future? My bid is at $100 :man_dancing:


For those unaware or new to stock market.

A typical year has:
. Jan effect - 1st two weeks up because of tax
. Soft Feb
. Good rally into April
. May is the tricky month, and usually has a down draft that swoons into June
. Summer Rally in July with an Aug top because on vacation
. Bad patch in Sep/Oct
. Santa Rally begins in mid Nov to mid Dec into Jan

We’re in Feb :slight_smile:


You wasted your money and energy on women in your youth that’s why you are poor now… :rofl:


Wish or bet? I’m wishing for 1987. Steep & fast. Can be all-in to grab all those rock solid companies at ridiculously low price. 1994 is not good… prices probably didn’t drop much, may be 10-15% for rock solid companies… many are already there… so become sideways for the next 1-2 years… not good for accumulation.


Yes… I’m sure prices will drop by 50% come Monday for y’all to buy your hearts out, and then rises back to normal the next day. 100% gain in one day. No brainer!!! :rofl:


There is another positive trend going on in American economy that nobody seems to be talking about. Oil price is much higher now and with that a lot more investment will go into shale oil extraction. Rig count has been rising a lot lately.


Exxon has seen it deepest drop ever…Time to buy?


Sure. Why not. Yield is good at least.

Some conspiracy theories say that Saudis want to push up oil price for its Aramco IPO.


AMZN hasn’t been at $500 for years. I don’t see it dropping below $950 even in a 2008 style crash.


Nvda is nice, but not sure how long they can stay strong. Their product can be replaced easily by competitors.


That means he ain’t buying any.


More for me. :slight_smile:


No more fear? Need to dig up some more scary articles. :smiling_imp:


How do you figure? It’s billions to tool up a fab for production now. That makes it a lot harder to compete. There’s also been a lot of consolidation in the semi space. That means there’s less companies to compete against.


BAGB talks theoretically without knowing the industry. So damn hard and expensive to build a fab. If it is so easy, with Apple scale, would have built one already.


NVDA is a fabless semi. They are a design shop. Most of their manufacturing is done with TSMC


Who do you think pays the bill for tooling? You should design a semi, then see how willing TSMC is to tool up a fab to make it for you.