Dow Down 666 Points

Bad omen… :smiling_imp:

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It another recession occurs it is good to study the Great Depression. If it was not caused by the Stock market crash.
But by too high taxes, protectionism, and government programs like the New Deal…


Economy is too strong, so bond rate is going up, then stocks drop.

Pay attention to Greenspan, he told you 2 days ago


Greenspan needs to die. He is too old and has never apologized for the Great Recession that he caused.

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Why did Greenspan suddenly talk to the public? He’s been quiet for so long.

Yellen is leaving, Bernanke is not talking. Maybe someone invited Greenspan to influence the market and Fed policy. Some special interest is now interested in Greenspan. But he can still be correct.

Greenspan talks and the market loses a trillion or so.
The man is a menace. Reminds me of Hilary… doesn’t know when to shut up…

Maybe Hillary invited Greenspan :grin:

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I think she dressed up in a Greenspan costume suit… lol

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Can you provide the link again?

The yield curve steepening is better than in flattening or going inverted. It’s steeper, because people are more optimistic about future growth. That’ll be good for stocks until rates go too high and kill growth. It’ll be interesting to see what the fed does. Inflation is still below their targets so there’s no reason to raise rates.

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Greenspan is 91…old enough to know better…Should keep quite…investors should ignore him

Friday was also the last day of Yellen. If only she could have stayed.

Thanks for nothing Trump! :rage:

Thanks for 30% stock market run in the past year you say?

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I thank Obama for that. :smile:

Wth how?

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Stock investors are forward looking not backwards. Wall Street was afraid of Obama and loves Trump. Obama’s election was definitely one of the causes of the 2009 crash. And was great for gun stocks

You’re not serious ?

Absolutely am. Investors are afraid of tax and spend Democrats and their promises of more regulation. I know a lot of rich people they were scared to death of Obama… a total unknown, thought to be more liberal than Clinton. Became defensive. Sold stocks . Stock investing is all about psychology not fundamentals… it’s one reason I invest very little in stocks.


Thoughts and prayers to your rich friends who sold stocks from 2009 to 2016 and missed the biggest bull market in the last 30 years. :pray:

Remind me of the easiest way to become a millionaire… by starting from being a billionaire.

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I sold in 1987. Resolved never to panic again. Didn’t sell anything, but was stuck with worthless trust deeds. But you can’t blame people for selling in 2008 and early 2009. The ones in retirement got hurt the most. They have never recovered.
My rich friends did well. Most own real estate and could not do much, like me. Still I have just recovered from that crash, 9 years later. My point is stocks are too liquid. People sell when they should not. Obviously 2009 was an epic buying opportunity with 20/20 hindsight. But it was a scary time
A lot of gloom and doom. Plenty of that now among Democrats… they could start a stock collapse. Everyone thought it would happen when Trump was elected. What were we thinking?? After all the rich are all Republicans… lol

I wonder if the Mueller investigation is spooking investors. Most can take healthy profits and sit and wait for Trump to implode.