Dow Down 666 Points



Because you have losers like yelp?


Hey, watch your language! :laughing:

Jeremy is only in his 30s. How old is Bezos? I’m not worried one bit… :rofl:


Is Jeremy a playboy? How come he didn’t improve yelp one bit in the last 10 years? What’s he doing every day?


Why don’t you call him up and ask? :rofl:



Are you writing for Seeking Alpha?
Such a long post :thinking:


Actually such a long post is wasted buried deep down in a thread. Better to start a new one and let people discuss it more @Jil


I failed to read 95% of it, to be honest… :rofl:


I built my wealth through stocks much more than RE. I guess I’m an exception rather than the average… sorry people… I’ll work 3 times as hard from here on to make sure my RE investments will eclipse my stock holdings… :rofl:


I’m almost fully invested… I wish I had more dry powder, but will probably add in that small amount in the next drop in the next 2-4 weeks.

+ve now for 2017 vs 2016.


But have you taken advantage of the margin? :wink:


Yeah, I’m exploring that if I can get cheap funds… & how margin investing works in my brokerage.


The more you borrow, the less they’ll charge you for your interest.


The era of Trump deficits by the trillions has begun

WASHINGTON — Most White House budgets are dead-on-arrival political blueprints for how the president thinks Washington should raise and spend money.

The new fiscal 2019 budget President Donald Trump released Monday fits that description.

But it’s also an indelible snapshot, a frozen image of the moment when the federal government abandoned all pretense of balancing its books. <------You know, the deficit hawks? The ones beaching about spending? :smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile:

That shouldn’t be surprising, because Trump and Congress just enacted a spending law that paves the way for an increase of hundreds of billions of dollars in defense and domestic spending on the heels of a $1.5 trillion tax cut.

The result, according to Trump’s budget office: the return of annual deficits nearing the trillion-dollar range for several years and a total debt increase of about $7.1 trillion over the next decade. <----At least. :smile::sweat_smile::smile:

Now, let’s hear from the deplorable deflectors in charge of defending Trumpovich. :laughing::laughing:


NO, not really. Read Chap 2 of Margin of Safety. You will have everything.

Ah, I stay away from main thread as this is my own analysis and my own risk/reward.

May be, I understand. You do not want to get scared by reading, skipped it after first line ! :rofl:


Fundamentals are effective in the long run. It is just like holding a real estate for years.
In short run, speculative UPs and Down create an opportunity for investors.

IMO, Unless economy is going to hit negative, there is no point in selling (little difference from RE).


Have I not sold some shares twice, the net tax worth of those shares sold could get me at least 3 SFHs at today’s price :angry:


I never sell stocks. Just need to expand stock exposure


Fidelity rates. Make sure you borrow at least $1 M :rofl:


No, it’s more like I didn’t want to spend time reading someone’s defense of a bad decision he has made.


Are all the curves in that graph proportional? So that means your stock portfolio’s size is twice the value of your SFH? :wink: