Dow Down 666 Points



Why not.


because this is “corporate america”. Bankruptcy is mostly a tool in today’s corporations.


Ditto here. I realized the same.

In fact, at a president level he looks at basics and try to help the low income people.
In the tariff side too, he is applying tariffs wherever local industries of suffering due to imports.


looks like futures are stabilizing!


Which are the stocks you have invested/bought and holding it?


brokerage: fb, nvda, brkb, cost (sold recently), sq, ntnx, some ubnt (small).
My 401k is 70% cash, i think, at this point. The rest is in arbitrary 401k-y funds.

you can tell i am heavily invested in tech.


But I think your brokerage account is probably small potatoes compared to your company stock holding.


i moved most of my goog to other stocks - still have the “last 12 months” vesting in there, which i am planning to sell next time i get a chance.


Really… that would generate tax hit though…


Yes, but remember I sold some to use as a down payment, then i recognized my psychological inability to buy, so i moved them back to other stocks. I cannot keep them in google if i want to liquidate due to black out, so far it worked out.


When I was at Apple, I used my own money to purchase all ISOs, RSUs, and ESPPs. Managed to retain about half of the grants until today…


If it is RSUs or ESPPs, it is fine to hold as wuqijun said avoid tax hit. GOOG is also equally good tech. If you fear about insider blocking period, selling and keeping cash is fine.

With all these stocks, no need of watching sleeplessly or pre/post market. I guess FB is too good after Z attends next week Capital Hill. This may spike suddenly too.

You should have got some TSLA too.


If you keep your money in stocks you will never buy a house. When stocks are low you want to wait for them to recover. When they are high you want them to go higher still.

Just do what @harriet and @Jane did. Sell them and put the cash in your bank account. Now you will feel the urge to buy a house, to put the cash in better use than making that 0.1% interests.


How did Wu QiJun and me buy RE?


@wuqijun bought because it ain’t his money (margin).

You bought because you got an awesome wife (aka your sugar mama).


You know my wife?


If she feeds you soft rice so you can be a SAHD while she grinds at work that’s pretty telling.


I thought you are a progressive?


Come on Yoda…you should know better. What do you think, if I am would I have voted for the TWTR king? Feminism all the way…:unamused:


Being feminine or bosstress around?
MCP means male working, female stay at home.
Doesn’t feminism mean female working, male stay at home?