Dream homes in raffle not awarded

You’ve all seen those dream house raffles advertised on television. It turns out that most of them are never awarded. The fine print states that they will not award a dream house unless a certain number of tickets are sold, and it is always high enough to insure they don’t have to award it.

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WTF??? I foolishly bought a ticket years ago. I wised up after that and always throw their postcard in the recycle bin.

Isn’t this for charities? It’s just marketing for charities so that more people would donate. Tax is similar to this anyway.

I understand it is for charities. But if your going to solicit for charities, don’t do it under false pretenses. They also take a 500k marketing fee as well.


Well, same as those investors flipping homes. They always leave a skeleton buried somewhere in that house they flipped. :laughing: