Dublin + IKEA

Will the NIMBYs kill it???


Who wants an IKEA in the neighborhood? I propose an IKEA in sunset.

Livermore or Tracy may like an IKEA for their vacant land.

Uh, try to find a lot big enough in the Sunset to house even its return department…

Build IKEA on a big ship and park on the ocean beach

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Actually, I bet you that the City of Emeryville at least (not necessarily a neighborhood near it) thinks their move back in the day (bringing in IKEA) was a grand slam, slam dunk and touchdown all in one…

What a bunch of NIMBYs!!! Come on, East Palo Alto has one!!!

Put it in Hayward!

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Do Hayward need one? They are many furniture factories and stores there.

@caiguycaiguy would love the sales taxes generated from that cash cow…

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Are they cheap?

Rented and bought from businesses who have their factories in Hayward. Sturdy and look good. Didn’t buy anything directly from stores there.


I wouldn’t mind a Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods too.


Today’s the day!!

After more than a decade of squabbling, will IKEA finally come to this East Bay city? - SFGate

Is IKEA good or bad for the local real estate? Will this Ikea store reduce or raise Dublin home price?

Both East Palo Alto and Emeryville had many crimes so IKEA might have helped them. But Dublin is a good suburb already.

Livermore has a San Francisco Premier outlet. I think it makes Livermore better known. It’s funny that it uses the San Francisco name.

Uh, hello??? It is called marketing and name dropping. Despite the poop and needles, The City still carries some clout and recognition, thank you very much…

San Jose should then call itself Way South of San Francisco…

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