Dublin / Pleasanton Area

I’ve never heard of Veeva and Ellie Mae… :frowning2: I heard about Zoho, Callidus and OpenVPN. Did not know Safeway is HQ’ed at Pleasanton. Too bad it’s Safeway and not Amazon… :smile: I know Chevron is based in SR.

So it looks it has a pretty solid set of companies. Go east young men and women. :point_right:

Just yesterday, VEEV jumped 11.38%, excellent growing company, so far so good .


No access to full story but Dublin is where a major manufacturing plant by Carl Zeiss is going in…


And I propose Dublin is where real Chinese food is or will soon come.

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SAP SE Chief Executive Officer Bill McDermott has backed U.S. President Donald Trump’s tax plan, and revealed a $2.4 billion deal for Callidus Software Inc., its biggest acquisition in more than three years.

SAP said Tuesday it will pay $36 a share for Dublin, California-based Callidus, known as CallidusCloud, to give Europe’s biggest software company access to new sales analytic and customer engagement tools.

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San Ramon to San Jose is only 35 to 40 minutes depends on where you are at. I sold my home last year in San ramon, but did not find it very difficult to commute, only time you would hit some traffic is after work (5-6:30pm), not so bad.

I was driving in the area the other day and surprised to see Veeva there, right across the street from Roche. It has a good number of Biotech in the area.

If house prices continue its fast ramp up in West Bay, I think Pleasanton has a shot to be the new Palo Alto of Silicon Valley East.


Even now Pleasanton is attractive area, many pockets have large lot homes. I do not know whether you drove by RUBY HILL Community, excellent place for primary home seekers.

Never expected RE bounce back like this. Year 2008-2011, these homes were selling low nicely


Were you commuting by a helicopter! :grinning: I heard from my colleagues that it takes 45 minutes from Fremont itself to San Jose by car. For San Ramon, you can easily add another hour going by how crazy traffic on 680/880 is.

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There’s no Stanford in Pleasanton

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Home prices are insane right now - this just sold in my neighborhood in <week.


Seems pretty much any half decent house anywhere around here is well over 1M now. I would agree that before, I would have flinched at paying 1.3M (when my Sunset home was 600k) but well that is essentially what my recent buy was and I may have gotten a good deal…

Nice flip in 3 years. 540k gross profit, maybe 400k net profit.

Maybe it’s time to buy Pleasanton now. But there are not many flipping opportunities there.

yeah only issue is the style of the house/how they rennovated front facade and entryway doesn’t go with rest of neighborhood