EB-5 Visa Program: Good or Bad?

I am learning a lot from the internet (as well as from y’all) regarding current policies/programs. So, what is your take on this one?

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Good or Bad, for whom?


Sounds like there is the usual concern about money laundering and that the money is not going to less prosperous areas…but aren’t we still better off for having such a program in place than not? Don’t a lot of countries have such a program essentially? Like in Singapore, @hanera?


S$2.5 million, about US$1.85 million.

Thanks @hanera for the scoop on Singapore buy-in…

That crime-free and clean country don’t come cheap…

Compare to Singapore the US program is too cheap.

I think we should drastically expand the EB-5 program, and make it more expensive too. These people just want an insurance policy in the form of a green card. Most don’t really want to come and stay here. The businessman in me thinks it’s pretty good business to sell them a piece of paper for 1 to 2M. Why the hell not?

Agreed, the variance is dramatic and eye opening. Let’s be frank, we are just as great (if not greater in some respects) than Singapore. It should be way more expensive and harder to be a US citizen. God, am I sounding like The Donald???

Of course we are the greatest. It is now and will continue to be in the foreseeable future.

Welcome them, aka screw them.
Make them pay whatever $ for their green cards, then, keep an eye on them, per immigration laws if they see you living 6 months in the US and 6 months “over there”, they cancel your green card. Easy peachy!

Trump is violating the immigration laws by going around the bushes with the visas. Supposedly, allegedly you have to create jobs in this country in order to get a green card. But those undocumented workers building those towers got jobs, right? :smile: