eCommerce Stocks: MELI SHOP TOST AMZN SE

Few of the eCommerce stocks lead the market… bottom in mid Jun… MELI SHOP TOST… while laggard e-commerce stocks like AMZN and SE are trying to bottom…

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Screen Shot 2023-02-16 at 1.08.31 AM

BTFD using TA? Neckline $45 is a strong support. Then 50-day SMA and 200-day SMA.
Target of inverse H&S is $78.

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Market feels is not good enough… keep selling off.

EW: In wave (4)…

For those who’ve invested in SHOP… SHOP is my 2nd biggest investment in the growth stock portfolio… thought I am playing safe and smart to start purchasing the stock after it declined 50% from ATH, sadly it continues to decline more than 70%… avg purchase price ~$68, still red.

Good job, SHOP. Deserves to be my 2nd largest position after NVDA in my growth stock portfolio. 4x from low but is still 55% below ATH.

SHOP outperforms AMZN slightly :money_mouth_face:

Most e-commerce rallies after earning. For example, AMZN, TOST and MELI.
However, SHOP crashes 20%! Time to say goodbye to SHOP?