Effect of GST on Indian Real Estate

What will be effect of GST on Indian Real Estate? Is this a good time to invest in Real Estate market in India?

The Effect of GST in India will not effectable to the builders/developers who have a ready to move in properties and one can save up to 12% as per GST and it will effectable for the developers who have properties which are in under construction.

"In Durg Rishabh Builders is offering the ready to move in properties to their buyers so that their buyers can get a benefit of GST with immediate possession.

Impact of GST in ready to move in property

1.Ready-to-move apartments will have no GST but the developer will only get input credits on construction costs.

2.Developers will collect and pay GST on the cost of the project.

3.Apartments may become costlier, due to GST compliances.

4.The premium charged for ready apartments, will nullify any benefits from the GST.

Wait! You guys have housing/rent whatever control in India?

Who would have thought about it!

How come I see some Indians here complaining of the controls in CA/US if they are as bad in India as bad in America. Me no get it. :sunglasses: