Eichler at record price - Does Elt1 Still haunt this site?

FOMO is as real as Covid. It’s infected CA housing.


Yes. He very actively haunts it.


I bet it is worth less now. BTW I actually worked with Cliff May, a renowned architect. Eichler was a hack.

At least where we have them in the City of Orange, here are a few recent Eichler sales:



(go into price history for photos)


(no photos)

I’m no structural engineer but having known folk who lived in Eichlers I can say the design chewed. Everything from the roof to the heating. The atrium’s are nice but that’s about it.

There is a late 60s tract of homes near me that featured front Atriums (3 sided glass box with front open to the street). Now in 2022 there aren’t many “original bones” properties left as most owners remodeled and that Atrium was the first to go. Second on the list were the all electric heating and kitchen and associated aluminum wiring. Blegh.

Built in a nice area, commute and school close, but homes that weren’t really meant to stay “as is” for very long.

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The structural integrity of a tent with little architectural thought. The street view was just the garage doors. Flat leaking roofs. Radiant heat that failed 40 years ago. Single pane windows, no insulation. Dark wood paneling. Cheap cabinets with sliding doors. Tiny bedrooms and baths. No seismic bracing no sheet rock for fire resistance. They burn down in 90 seconds…. The best thing about them.