Eichlers For Days, Manch!

I believe you loved these things(?), well, pricing is good…

I like Eichler mostly for its historic importance. I think real modern stuff, instead of the modern stuff circa 1960. Like @elt1 said most Eichlers are cheaply built and some of the design decisions didn’t hold up in time.

Did you know that Steve Jobs once lived in an Eichler? Back when he still a little boy.

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Here is one beauty, architect-designed and built (to bedrock!!) for a structural engineer in 1975

(Warning: Do not click unless you want to be exposed to real RE porn :heart_eyes:)

Wow, pretty cool place. That is an area (Piedmont) that we certainly do not talk much about here. Clearly, it is a nice, high end area with good schools too.

The piedmont house is cool but no backyard no deal.

Just curious, of what use is the backyard (other than gardening)?
Personally I prefer small/no backyard when there is privacy and parks are nearby. The surrounding area offers a great natural environment, as well as a science museum. The world is your backyard.

Feeling of space.
Play with kids.
Barbecue + chatting with friends in Summer.

If you have kids, having a backyard means you can stay inside the house and let the kids run wild. You just need to keep an eye on them once in a while. But if you take them to a park you have to make a plan, load up their bikes/scooters etc, and most likely get in a car and drive. :frowning: It’s just not as casual and fun.

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Interesting Eichler story for ya, Sir, if you didn’t already read…

Classic Eichler…“He would paint two adjoining homes the same color to give the illusion of one huge house to prospective buyers," resident Damon Lum told the Examiner. “And for their model home, Eichler decorated with small Danish furniture that made the rooms look a lot roomier than they really were”

Eichler was a scam artist…He cut corners and built substandard houses…I used to inspect them…Cracked floors, no rebar, broken heat pipes, leaky roofs, no insulation, no shear walls…They are total crap…Funny how they are idolized

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Hey, hey, hey, our Grand Poobah likes them…so if he likes them, we like them…a lot!!!:slight_smile:

That’s probably why you don’t see them in places with weather. There’s no way people could afford to heat/cool them.

How about a 4 bd Eichler in Concord for 795K???


Very nice! Too bad it’s so far away.

Another “modern” house…sorry but I remember when they were built…Cold and dark then, too…

Dark gray floor is a bit too cold for me.

Heated floors???

Dark tile just looks too cold. Like living inside a tomb.